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Balancing teen drama elements with a dark re-imagining of classic American icons is a difficult act to pull off. Riverdale has been doing it for three seasons running now. It was not surprising, therefore, that CW renewed the series for a Riverdale Season 4.
There was no way that they could have not renewed it, especially from the fans’ perspective. Ever since Season 3 ended with that cliff-hanger ending, fans have been clamoring for the fourth season.

Rverdale Season 4 Spoilers: Will Jughead Jones die?

Riverdale fans have been freaking out ever since the Season 3 cliffhanger. In the flash-forward scene, Archie, Betty, and Veronica are all covered in blood and about to burn their clothes and Jughead’s beanie. Oh, and they are also discussing how to get away with murder! Gasp!

What’s even more ominous is Jughead’s absence in the scene, leading many to believe that he dies next season. As dark as the show has been so far, however, it would be hard to imagine it killing one of its main four cast members. Least of all, Cole Sprouse, who has emerged as the fandom’s favourite.
Riverdale Season 4

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We can also expect the show to deal with the unexpected death of Luke Perry in the middle of filming last year. Perry played Fred Andrews on the show and his absence was left unexplained on the show the previous season. However, this time around the show may take the opportunity to pay their respects to the late actor.

Riverdale Season 4

Riverdale Season 4 Release Date

Considering both the second and third seasons premiered in October, it would be a safe bet to say Riverdale Season 4 will also be released in early October. It will be aired in its usual slot of Wednesday 8 PM on CW. Just like the previous seasons, it will also be available on Netflix the next day.