One of the first questions people will ask when they think of wealthy people is, “what do they spend their money on?” Only a few will ever know what they’re really like in the real world, even if they showcase their purchases on social media.


1. Shipping Jaguars by air in sixteen different colors.

From Redditor u/luther_williams

A Saudi Price wanted to buy a new Jaguar that had been released, so they spent a full day spacing the Jaguar out. I think the final price was 125k for the vehicle. The factory had 16 different color choices for this model.

Chris asked what would that be after the Saudi prince said he figured out an acceptable solution to his color dilemma. The Saudi Prince said he would order one of the colors.


2. Getting paid to just flip a switch. In thousands.

From Redditor u/SteamKore

I worked for a small company. He was willing to pay for me to drive for five hours to get his computer working so he could play games. The address is a huge f*cking mansion after five hours on the road. It seemed to be me that I was in the wrong place. This is the place if you use the intercom at the gate. The guy and his wife are cool, and he built his own gaming rig.

I had never looked at the hardware that expensive before. He didn’t turn on the power switch. He paid the base rate for me to flip a switch. I gave him 5000 dollars as a tip because he was excited to play League of Legends on his new PC, and I also installed his graphic drivers for free.


3. Keith Urban’s tips are good.

From Redditor u/kizzt

A local kid received a couple of guitar pedals from the guy. The kid had a budget and was struggling to pick one, so Keith quietly paid the shop owner on the way out the door, before the kid even knew what he had done. He is a decent, down-to-earth guy.


4. Discovering shadow yacht’s purpose.

From Redditor u/Doppar

I live near a company that builds boats. There was a yacht one day. A crew member told me that it was a shadow yacht. You wouldn’t want to ruin the look of your nice yacht with jet skis and helicopters if you were rich. You wouldn’t want your crew to sleep on a nice yacht.


5. Cats get a custom armor suit.

From Redditor u/papajerry69

I used to work as a maid for wealthier people in my city. The wife of a game developer had custom suits of armor made for her cats. They were displayed along with small suits of armor for mice.


6. The interior replacing of en entire yacht.

From Redditor u/tobias269

Been working for the rich for a while. A brand new 90-meter yacht was built in the Netherlands. The voyage was to Antibes in France. The owner left after a few hours. We’re going to Genoa Italy next week, where the bathroom was ripped out and upgraded.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m talking about brand new marble sinks, showers, floors, and lobbies all thrown out in skips. There were tons of newly polished marble. There were new marble colors and patterns in the weeks following. There’s money and there’s not even a thought for it.


7. Sylvester Stallone’s home under work.

From Redditor u/CaravelClerihew

A friend did some work at Stallone’s residence. Some of his statues and art are nude and very well endowed.


8. Leaving behind Lamborghini and renting a race track.

From Redditor u/skell15

One group rented the track to drive their cars for a day. They all got into the cars to leave at the end of the day. They forgot their car at the track after they left.


9. Gifting all that was mentioned.

From Redditor u/Lazy*ssbummer

I became friends with my boss and his wife. The wife would buy me whatever I said, like in passing during a conversation. She was raised to show love with gifts. I only talk about things I already own if she likes them and suggests them for her.


10. A private tutor gets a very generous tip.

From Redditor u/TexasFordTough

An old high school teacher of mine is an extremely successful private tutor and does a lot of work in the wealthy neighborhoods in the area. He told us that he helped a kid pass his physics class after tutoring him. At the end of their last session, the kid told him to wait there, and went into his dad’s office and paid himself and an extra $1,000. The kid said his dad asked him to give a tip and my teacher tried to deny it.


11. Getting a bedroom built just to hear the cows.

From Redditor u/weriup

One guy I cook for wanted his house built so that his bedroom was above the cow barn, so he could fall asleep listening to the cows.


12. Setting up a yacht for a party just so that it could be visible from a building.

From Redditor u/clovisson

My dad works in shipping and has a lot of friends who work on superyachts. In the ’90s, one of his mates got a call to bring a yacht with instructions to be anchored in a bay at an exact time with a lunch spread for 50 people ready. They set up the food. It just turned out that it was all just a show-off. Only because the owner could watch over the yacht from his apartment while partying with his friends.


13. Letting a dog fly alone in the private jet.

From Redditor u/aticho

A woman who owned a small private jet business told me that someone paid them to fly their dog to NY for about $45,000 for some training. There were no other passengers.


14. Shipping pants overnight to Scotland.

From a Redditor

I worked with a rich broker who got a divorce. His wife wanted $30k a month for each child. He was convinced by his lawyer that it was a good deal. He asked if $30k a month was a lot of money. I said that was more than I make in a year. Cool dude, he said, “can’t believe I have such a lawyer.” He couldn’t go shopping because it was cold in Scotland, so he had to sleep in some pants. He used to need ice for his diet coke. The office got an ice machine just in case he showed up.


15. A toilet having Picasso above it.

From Redditor u/useroftheinternet999

I am an art student. One of the wealthiest areas in my country is where we work. Some customers want to show me their collection of artwork that they have hanging on their walls when I study it.

I remember standing in a bathroom with my dirty gardening clothes and a Picasso above the toilet.


16. Over thirty cakes for a birthday.

From Redditor u/circleinsidecircle

I used to work for a billionaire. He spent $16,000 on a fancy wallet that had gold spikes on it. He had gold shoes. One year for his birthday, he gave us a lot of cakes and told us to leave them on the floor in the hallway outside his room. After two weeks, we were told to throw the cakes away.


17. New neighbors one-upping.

From Redditor u/Hunt3r8806

I had a client who lived outside of NYC. They were new money in an area that was mostly old money. Hated their neighbors, but played nice with them. If it wasn’t possible for the neighbors to buy two of the same thing, they would buy a more expensive version. The majority of it was in the front room. The client’s wife said it was the f**k off the room. They were nice people, but a bit eclectic.