It is no secret that working in the foodservice industry is a tough job. The most difficult part may not be the long hours, low pay, or cruel bosses. The customers who feel entitled to treat other human beings like garbage are many of the employees.

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These people should be publicly shamed for acting like jerks, whether they are physically attacking servers, stealing tips, or letting their kids run around.

We compiled a list of the worst clients that have ever eaten in a restaurant. You can’t help but think about what’s going on in the world when you see some of these pictures. Don’t forget to upvote the most unbelievable ones if you scroll down below.


1. The customers assault me with drinks and food. My back is hurting from how hard a grown man threw his drinks at me. Is it possible to press charges?


2. Because she wasn’t hired, the woman gave a bad review.


Many restaurant workers are sick and tired of being treated like pawns by their clients. Customers feel a lot of anger and frustration and think it is normal to take it out on their server. Why do some people think they are entitled to act this way?

Melanie Morrison said that there are three contingents when it comes to disrespectful behavior. People think they deserve to be more powerful and dominant over others.

She says that these people are often the leaders in an organization with subordinates lower on a hierarchy: “There’s still that belief that they have a socially dominant position, they have more power over this individual and they’ll treat them in a demeaning way because of that.”


3. This server served an iconic line.


4. The shade.


The second one includes groups that don’t hold a dominant position in our society. People can feel in control if they go to a restaurant. “They can become somebody who has been given a bit of power over a server at that moment,” Morrison said. “They can treat them in a demeaning way and be powerful in that environment because the conditions allow them to be.”

There are people who are just plain rude. The professor said that people who fall in this group are rude and don’t connect to the sense of power.

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5. This waitress served the customers all that they needed, quickly and then got this “lovely” tip.


6. The man is throwing candy Wrappers for me.


She said that people who have worked in the restaurant business are more likely to empathize with a server’s mistakes. There is nothing wrong with having certain expectations.

“If it’s something surrounding the food or the environment or something, then you can ask for some changes. … Take a breath. Think about it. Look realistically at the server—is that the server’s fault?”


7. They let their kid eat the Watermelon and then put it back. Even poked the fruit.


8. Instagram is ruining food.


There has been a recurring trend since the beginning of the Pandemic. Humans seem to have forgotten how to be nice to each other. When it comes to interacting with people who have a job of helping another person.

The things that came with the Pandemic have been with us for so long that they may have had a negative impact on our emotional health. When life seems to be coming back to normal but there are new threats and restrictions, people are frustrated. It doesn’t take long to realize that this unique situation will be the new normal, and many are still not prepared for it.


9. Look at this mother.


10. Allowing your kid to watch a movie on max. volume in a restaurant.


According to Bernard Golden, a psychologist, and author of Overcoming Destructive Anger, people’s threat system is at a heightened level during this time. “During COVID, there has been an increase in anxiety, a reported increase in depression, and an increased demand for mental health services,” he added.

People who work in the service industry are the easiest targets to vent to. “It’s displaced anger,” Golden explained. “They’re angry about other things but they take it out in those encounters.”


11. Customer Caught Taking An Upskirt Picture Of a waitress.


12. This lady has been on the phone since she went down and this is what her kid has been doing.


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He continued: “We don’t filter ourselves as much as we used to. On the internet, people feel like they can say anything. They no longer guard themselves. And I think they transfer that lack of filter into public life. I think from leadership that we’ve had in the last number of years, that’s only been more encouraged.”


13. Why do people do this?


14. Couple Prioritizes Their Food Over A Dying Man.

Shout out to the selfish couple. While the server was helping the man out, a couple complained that their food wasn’t being served to them immediately.


15. This lady’s nerve.


The treatment restaurant workers are getting seems unbearable. If people think they are better or more deserving than everyone else, they should not be allowed to act like jerks.


16. Just stupid.


17. If You Do This Because “Someone Is Paid To Clean It Up” Frick You.


18. This military spouse demanded free food.


19. It is possible to put essential workers’ families at risk before the holiday season.


20. Someone left a buffet because they found 2 dirty plates and were asked to wear a mask.


21. Just chilling at the coffee shop.


22. All you can drink.


23. Public food fight.


24. Seriously?


25. Squatting on the restaurant table for a picture.


26. The family put the food on the ground instead of cleaning it up. After I watched someone trip over it, I cleaned it up.


27. He Found The One Good Seat.


28. The girl came out of the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper. She left the restaurant with it.


29. Nice Restaurant- Kid Watching Cartoons On max. volume.


30. Make yourself home at a public Starbucks.