This story is about crazy eye Oliver who has learned to live with her condition. The best thing is that she sees the world as perfectly as we do. 

Rescuers found this malnutritioned cat who looks very cute despite her crazy eyes. If you want to see her, keep scrolling. 

#1 When You See People Not Social Distancing

Currently, Oliver is living with her owner Michelle. “They had been out in the community performing some of their services when they spotted Olive in the street, malnourished and covered in tree sap,” Michelle told us. “Once they were able to catch her, one of their volunteers, Barbara, took Olive to her home to foster her and nurse her back to health. I went to visit her and immediately knew I wanted her. I visited her multiple times a week until she was healthy enough to come home with me. I am so grateful for Barbara and Almost Home, they saved her life!”

“She loves to burrow in blankets for long naps and her favorite toy is a black twist tie.”

#2 Do You Have Any Idea How Hard It Is To Focus With This Little Fuzz Nugget Sitting Across From Me?!

 “She can play and run around just as a normal cat would, even though she looks a little different!”

“Olive does have some neurological problems, unfortunately. She sometimes has seizure-like episodes, but thanks to CBD and some other medications, we have been able to manage it over the course of her life. It isn’t always easy, but she is a very tough girl,” Michelle said.

#3 Losing An Hour = Losing All Patience To Deal With People

“I think the best part of her community on Instagram is how many people have come to love her despite her disability. She really is just like every other cat. And there are so many other animals like her whose lives can be changed by finding the right family. So, support your local shelters and adopt don’t shop!” Michelle added.

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