According to these furry companions, rules are meant to be broken.

Animals don’t care about your rules. They want to live in a way that makes them rulers of the planet. Nobody has the power to make them follow the rules. Humans might make the rules, and these animals are meant to break them. Animals enjoy breaking rules without guilt. These innocent friends are always there to help create happiness, from disobeying hamsters to sitting in their favorite places.

In a world full of strict rules that humans are obligated to follow, there are many animals who do not care and live by their own set of rules. Keep scrolling to see the cute creatures that will make your day better.


1. This dog is not swimming!

“I’m not swimming, I’m sitting.”


2. Aren’t ducks considered animals?


3. Happy pup waiting for you!

“We sent the dog outside for standing on our coffee table. This was his response.”


4. That’s a big bowl for this cat food.

“Apparently my cat doesn’t like the new brand of cat food.”


5. Fluffy moms are the best!


6. This poor parrot didn’t expect that.


7. This dog is making his own rules.


8. Just sit where you fit!


9. A dumb cat!


10. Live like you rule the world.

“Oh, really?”


11. You are welcome anywhere, sweetie!


These animals will not be restricted by your laws. These animals can turn your day into a happy one with a single innocent smile. They are the most powerful creatures on the planet, living as if there is no tomorrow and as if they are the bosses who don’t need many rules to follow.

Rules can make our life boring. These animals know how to live their lives to the fullest. Dogs sitting in a pool with a signboard “No swimming” to the cats owing the new dog’s bed are some of the things that will make you laugh.

So, keep scrolling to see more adorable images of these friends.


12. Dogs don’t care.

“I can’t read though.”


13. This Husky is giving some gangsta vibes.

“I thought this was a cat feature…”


14. “Hooman, ignore that signboard, and let’s play fetch”

“Don’t mind my rebellious spirit.”


15. Cats will sit in places other than the beds you buy for them.

“Oh, are these beds for me? Thank you, I like the drawer.”


16. That’s the spirit, bunny!


17. Live like a boss!


18. Who cares?

“I have to destroy this hint.”


19. Whatever!


20. A perfect duo enjoying the moment!


21. Just a cozy place to rest.


22. A pug on the face!

“Just what I need.”


23. This hamster is making his own rules!


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