Jerk: Do you know one, do you love one, or you are one?

It’s a session of ridiculous shame, obsession, high key, and complete attack.

I’m not talking about those big ridiculous behaviors, but the little crimes committed by “barn-raised” people, as your mom says. There is a basic level of etiquette that you need to show to qualify for participation in society. I didn’t just create these rules.

The following people will be unloaded from the truck. You know what I mean, kids.


The Exit Strategy

You might think in their right mind who would completely block the road to an emergency helicopter? This man. This man will do so.


Five. Feet. Apart.

I just want to into this picture from my phone screen and throw away the trash properly. I feel embarrassed on behalf of all of mankind.


God of wraps.

Are you happy with the mess you created, wrapper? Are you proud of yourself?

Someone hold my bag for a minute. Mommy’s gettin’ furious.


*insert clean up song*

His kindergarten teacher wasn’t working hard day or night just to treat the public library like dumplings from Virginia to Kevin and his high school classmates.

Kevin, she taught you better than that.



I can’t stand this photo for long. This is too furious. Cannot understand. I don’t want to understand.


Some pumped up kicks

People pay “money” to be at Baseball games. “Real” money, Linda!


Air travel be like.

This guy thought it was good to throw fast food junk into the aisle of an airplane.

There is a part of Billie Eilish’s song “I wish we had never learned to fly”, what do you know? Now I understand.


Time to catch up.

This is what the restaurant staff have to deal with on a daily basis. The server deserves a good tip.


In between an ongoing movie.

In the middle of a crowded movie theater? It’s the perfect time to open your brightly lit laptop and surf the web. It’s not like we’re watching a movie or anything.


I would describe my facial expression to you right now, but you know it.


Shots fired

Now, let’s practice targeting a real monument for those who have died. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Not at all. I like people.


No swiping, swiper.

Stealing a plant from someone’s garden is very strange, but do you have the courage to steal 29?

I repeat.


I am surprised.


Far Away From Home

That’s fair, isn’t it? You don’t have a cart specially made to return the cart, right?


Where ya from nice gum?

I didn’t need to cross the street. I’ll be just going the other way around.



Elizabeth, we are now enemies. I hope you are reading this. Just know that our relationship can never be fixed. I just can’t have that kind of toxicity in my life, Elizabeth.

Pleased to meet you.


The stakes are high indeed.

Not sure what to say to these kinds of people. Are they okay? Who hurt them? Who raised such people? How do they even live with themselves?


Actually, I’ll have my hot mixed drink. Thank you anyway. No, really, it’s okay. I DON’T WANT THE ICE, KAREN! I KNOW WHERE IT HAS BEEN.


All that corn lying on the knob

My mother would never have let me out of a movie theater like this. All of our mothers are collectively screaming. I’m screaming Everyone is screaming. Guys stop it getting a little loud.


“Copier Cat”

I know this person was just trying to insist, but boy, did you miss your mark?


The proud foot

Air travel is already stressful enough without anyone offering a stump for a free pedicure.

Shame on you.


Half-full glasses

I hope this kid then gets up in the middle of the night and steps on Lego while going for a glass of water.


Video killing the Radio Star

No, it’s not okay. I’m only going to eat in a fine dining restaurant so that I can hear the blood thundering in the ears of Donkey Kong games as the child falls asleep. So why not go out?



Kindly pick up your mess in public places, please. Thank you.


She’s a sinfluencer

The girl was repeatedly asked to stop climbing the plant cage to take Instagram photos, but she continued to do so anyway. That’s why I don’t go anywhere anymore.


Apple sauce is on sale

Have I ever mentioned how much you don’t dream of apple pie at this particular time? Yes, I seem to be allergic to it, just as I am allergic to Walmart.


Petals (of plastic) on the wind

Sure, keep plastic petals scattered all over the public park. This is normal, rational, and thoughtful behavior, isn’t it?


Not really a big fan

If you have only one fan in a hot and crowded waiting room, of course, the most thoughtful thing is to keep everything yourself and cool your vagina.


Some wheels on the bus

Public transportation itself is not so bad. It’s the people traveling by public transport that really make this experience hell.


No butting, please!

I can’t stand people who hope to move further in a line by standing outside, trying to get people to let them get away. Please, for the love of God, wait your turn.


“Shake it off”

Apparently, there was a woman on her phone at the restaurant while her son was doing it with all the salt shakers.

I love contraception.


A very lazy boy

If you do this in the airport lobby, you will need to sit in the aisle during the flight.

I’m sorry, I haven’t made any rules.


The Hanger Games

Neighbors are overrated. House? Again, overrated. Human society? Overrated FOR SURE. I moved to a mountain in Switzerland to become a goat herder.


The changes

Restaurant? Cancel right away. To be honest, eating out is over. You can no longer trust anyone.


The momma bear

This is a very special type of person. You know her name is Christie.


The scooter is gone

These people thought it was a good idea to throw all the scooters in the company into the lake.

Very interesting.

You pay for it, right?


That’s one tough mudder

It’s a public soccer field where the neighborhood donates their money to help, and someone decides to make a donut on the truck and ruin it for everyone.



The driver’s ed

It seems that the car has been canceled because common sense cannot be used when driving a car.


She’s a breadwinner

Don’t let it mellow if it’s Yellow

Someone urinates in a plastic bottle and throws them away. In the bathroom.



A part of the band as well?

This mom thought it was a good idea to sit near the tape to film her son. She is not in the stand like a normal person, in the hallway, but with the player.

I think this is the last straw for me. World idiot, you win.


“My husband is a total jerk for leaving a bite mark on every cookie”

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They just want to watch the world burn.


Expect consequences, if you’re gonna park like that

In other words, you will leave a passive and aggressive note on the windshield. But it looks a bit extreme!


This landlord had hidden cameras

This landlord secretly installed 360 ° Wi-Fi surveillance cameras. This camera also records audio without notifying the tenant.


This person killed innocent horses

People, if you have a dog, kindly clean up! Not only is it harmful to animals, but it can also be harmful to children. Don’t be stupid!


Truly a disappointment

Up to you to decide if you think the present is your biggest disappointment or if your child is complaining about it.


A reason for your mail to arrive late

As if people weren’t having enough trouble getting mail! Then this “pratt” (I love that word) pops up and causes more delays for a parking spot!


One of the worst ways to tip

It has already been established that hints are very important, but God, this is not the case. These people are working too hard for bad political jokes to be advised.


After hitting someone’s car, this person left a note

Wow, you take the trash to a new level, you just own it. If it’s not that bad, it’s impressive.


Some wannabe Pandas

The person who received it explained that the children cut the grandparents’ bamboo garden, camp there, made a panda sign, and pierced the uncut bamboo.

However, they posted the latest comment explaining that his grandfather later caught the children, and the children never returned.


A shelter being critiqued

Yes, a nice person wrote this complaint on the back of a raffle distributed by an animal shelter that accepts and hands stray animals.


Kindly stay away from the dunes

Yes, it’s a great message to send to your child as long as you post what you’re doing on social media, the law doesn’t apply to you.


Never knew Bears can be jerks as well

You see, not only humans can be idiots, but animals can also be idiots! (I thought it would provide some relief from the terrible overcrowding!)


Social media influencers are a national crisis

Whoever this person is, I sincerely hope they were captured and had to clean it. Oh wait, this probably never happened because people are assh*les .


A cat being tattooed

This tattoo artist deserves to be accused of animal cruelty! The cat apparently had four tattoos and was intoxicated to get the process going.


“Look at the way my mom opened this box of chocolates”

Well, now they are going everywhere! It’s a shame that you have to eat them all at once.

I thought I would leave you reasonably humorous, because looking at the rest of this slowly eroded my faith in humanity! After that, I think we need healthy articles!


Toy Story 5: The Destruction

I can’t even start explaining all the ways it’s really wrong. I won’t try either. I’m tired at this point.