There is something special about finding an easter egg in a video game. It needs an audience to fulfill its purpose because someone hid it there for a reason. It would be like a scream underwater without your discovery. Pointless.

There are more easter eggs than we think. They exist in both media and real life. How do we know? Thanks to the r/IRLEasterEggs. People go to this online community to share their best finds.


1. The search for a flying broom continues.


2. The package designer should be given a raise.


3. That’s a really nice gesture!


4. An interesting Easter egg.


5. A true family-oriented business.


6. Don’t throw away its dream!


7. This is clever!


8. Finally, life advice everyone needs!


9. Nice sense of humor. Lovely and sharp!


10. Not possibly a coincidence.


11. This is refreshing!


12. Don’t make Bigfoot cry!


13. “No, I’m rocked!”


14. The world can wait. The bed is a priority!


15. Now you can get drunk and gamble.


16. In Wilber, we trust.


17. Who copied who is the real question.


18. Beer is a good reason to recycle.


19. Claim it to be a King!


20. Spongebob’s residence beneath.


21. Very dapper.


22. Have we been on planet Cybertron all this time?


23. The smile though.


24. Interesting coincidence.


25. Not sure if it’s a snake or a giraffe.


26. The last one saw something it’s shouldn’t have.


27. Cool bedsheet.


28. This is hilarious.


29. Holy Poly!


30. Nice candid opinion.