You love good roasts, right? So does the subreddit called r/rareinsults.


1. Just need to add Cayenne Pepper and shards of glass and it’s all set.


2. The “long-lasting” bone.


3. It’s the family wreath.


4. Representing the lollipop guild.


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5. That’s an “Asstronomical” burn.


6. “Bathroom scale with delusions of grandeur”


7. That’s some sick burn.


8. That’s a devastating insult.


9. The beard is girl repellent.


10. Sadie destroyed the poor fella.


11. If Sciatica existed in America.


12. Meep Meep got him arrested.


13. “Dirty guests”


14. A corporate insult.


15. The guy restarted at 1.


16. The fall from the Olympus.


17. Resist crying.


18. That’s Gouda cheese.


19. Low-budget Harry Potter be like…


20. Fair enough.


21. The Centipede shoes.


22. “You’re an empty toilet”


23. “Is your head just for decoration?”


24. This is how it sounds like when eggs cry.


25. Another devastating insult.


26. This guy doesn’t like the English brekkie.


27. Using her brain would make a bird fly backward.