Raiders vs Broncos Betting Odds NFL Antonio Brown Derek Carr Philip Lindsay

Oakland Raiders will finally get on the field for the second game if Monday night football. The Raiders will face the newly reformed Denver Broncos and the everyone’s eyes will be on it for being the last game of Week 1 NFL 2019 season. The Raiders are coming off from a 4-12 campaign and it won’t be easy for them to take the ball out of the basement.

Raiders vs. Broncos has already generated a lot of buzz due to Antonio Brown, but he might not play as he was suspended for the first week games. It is the reason why Broncos are favorite with 2.5 points and a total of 43. Derek Carr, Joe Flacco, and Philip Lindsay will have the most impact and here are the predictions and betting odds for the Raiders vs Broncos game.

Derek Carr without Antonio Brown

Derek Carr Predictions

The Raiders will have a tough time on the field and they would surely miss out Antonio Brown. It sounds weird but Brown is one of the best wide receivers despite whatever issues he got outside the football field. Derek Carr will probably miss Brown as he could have been his best weapon for the game.

It won’t be easy for Carr and company to beat the Broncos who have worked on their defense a lot. Brown might not be playing in the Raiders vs Broncos game but he will still be the most talked about names at the end.

Philip Lindsay in BroncosBroncos roster

Denver Broncos lost 4 games in the last season with very close calls. It is when they decided to change their coach and bought in the former defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio from Chicago Bears. He’s now the head coach and has made full efforts to make the Broncos a strong defensive side. Flacco is nowhere close to his prime form when he won the Super Bowl MVP seven years ago.

Philip Lindsay might get some limelight in the game as he is the best running back of the Raiders vs Broncos game with Brown suspended. The last game between the two teams ended in Broncos beating the Raiders where Lindsay totaled 107 yards with 7.6 yards per carry. Oakland has been the worst in AFC West but it doesn’t mean they can’t change things. Raiders vs Broncos is the last game of Week 1 and it will decide how things go with Brown in the future.