Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old. She is the longest-authoritative ruler in British history. She has been a queen for 70 years.

It is remarkable that she has been Queen for so long, and it is even more amazing that she is still in good health.

The Queen isn’t sitting by the fire knitting socks. She is holding virtual meetings with other leaders. Her favorite sport is horseback riding. It was amazing that the mother-in-law of the duke was still riding horses after all these years.

In honor of her love for horses, and as a way of celebrating her birthday, the Queen was photographed with two of her fell ponies. The photographs were taken at Windsor Castle.

The royal family shared a photo from the Royal Windsor Horse Show on social media. The Queen is holding the reigns of the two ponies. The shade of green that she is wearing is called “Edinburgh green”. Since it is named after the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen wore the same shade of green as Prince Philip at his memorial service.

To learn more about the Queen’s birthday celebration and what Prince Harry had to say about it, watch the video below.



The Queen doesn’t look forward to her birthday. Do you agree with Prince Harry that birthdays are not as exciting as you get older? Do you know anyone who plays a sport at an older age?