PUBG death child

In another PUBG Mobile news, the death of a 16-year-old player has been reported. The PUBG player was based out of Neemuch town in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Commonly known as PUBG, the Player Unknown’s Battleground is the new addiction of the millennials.

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The death of a 16-year-old over losing the game is the clear case of PUBG’s addiction turned enslavement. Earlier a student based on Hyderabad committed suicide after losing in PUBG battle.

Teen player was agitated before collapsing: Father


The 16-year-old, Furkan Qureshi, resident of Neemuch town in Madhya Pradesh, was studying in class XII.

Furkan Qureshi was visiting a relative for a wedding accompanied by his family before he collapsed. His father confirmed his state being fanatic and restless while playing PUBG.

Furkan Qureshi was shouting in an agitated state while playing the game. Soon after, he collapsed on the floor.

The 16-year-old boy’s father confirmed him being enslaved to PUBG, reported Times of India.

PUBG Player declared dead on admission at the Hospital

PubG collapsed

In another statement, Furkan Qureshi’s sister unfolded that the player started shouting “blast karo, blast karo (carry out the blast),” all of a sudden.

Furkan Qureshi then removed his earphones and started screaming seconds before collapsing on the  floor,

“Ayan, I will not play with you. You made me lose.”

After collapsing, Furkan Qureshi was rushed to the hospital. It was unfortunate for his family to be declared brought dead.

Furkan Qureshi played PUBG for six hours before having a heart attack


Furkan Qureshi’s father verified that he was playing PUBG for non-stop six hours. His brother admitted that at times Furkan played for 18 hours a day, without any break.

Furkan Qureshi was admitted and examined by Cardiologist Ashok Jain.

In a statement to TOI, Ashok Jain declared the cause of PUBG player’s death and said

“He didn’t have a pulse when he was brought in. We tried to resuscitate him, but he could not be revived. The excitement of the video game might have caused a surge in adrenaline, causing tachycardia (increased heart rate) and cardiac arrest.”

The Hyderabad-based Forum Against Corruption demands ban on PUBG mobile in schools and colleges. Whereas, the administration of Rajkot, Gujarat temporarily banned PUBG.

To resolve the addiction of PUBG, the developers of the game circulated a Healthy Gameplay System notification that barred players from playing the game for more than six hours.