It’s not just gamers but the non-gamers as well are aware of PUBG Mobile. Though the popular battle multi-player Royal game has raised the standard of mobile gaming, it is being criticized by many critics as well.

Rohan Khaunte, Goa’s IT Minister, has also joined the discussion regarding the ban of PUBG Mobile in India that has spread throughout the nation.

The game is criticized due to addiction fears, anger issues, mood swings and low grades in exams. Khaunte has some really strong views about PUBG Mobile. The minister’s main concern revolves around students whose studies are getting affected adversely due to PUBG Mobile addiction.

The game is criticized due to addiction fears, anger issues, mood swings and low grades in exams.
Credits: IBT

Khaunte has discussed the issue with Manohar Parrikar, CM of Goa. He wants that serious action must be taken against PUBG Mobile. Khaunte didn’t directly ask for a ban on the game, but there must be a law for its regulation to reduce its impact on children.

The minister believes that steps must be taken to control the growing issue that is PUBG Mobile before it goes out of hand. Several countries including the US are facing this issue and that too at a bigger level. He said that if we didn’t encase on the opportunity, we will have to face the liability.

Khaunte laid the foundation stone if Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. At the gathering, he said that the country will have a dumb generation instead of a smart one if games like PUBG Mobile are not stopped.

PM Narendra Modi’s take on PUBG Mobile

Recently, Prime Minister Mahendra Modi also talked about the PUBG Addiction issue and gave a piece of advice. He said that if technology has advantages, it has come as well. It’s imperative that the parents must guide their children so that they make the right use of it.

Gujarat has already enforced PUBG Mobile ban and Goa is on its way to follow it. There are several incidents where children have committed suicide for the game.

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