PS5 and Xbox Series X Release Date Delayed Coronavirus can Halt the Production of the Consoles

Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X release date might get delayed due to the deadly Covid-19 outbreak, better known as Coronavirus. The epidemic originated in China has now engulfed the whole world and every industry is deeply affected. Several movie productions and theatrical releases have been delayed but the biggest loss is seen by the tech and gaming industry.

The production of smartphones, gaming consoles, game titles, etc. have come to a standstill as most of the work is done in Chinese factories. The upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X production could also be halted and we could see either shortage of products during launch or the release date itself gets delayed.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Production Problems due to Coronavirus

PS5 and Xbox Series X Production Problems due to Coronavirus

As per a recent report, there could be several electronic shortages that could occur to the disruptions cause by Covid-19. The recent examples of Coronavirus effects are the shortage of Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones and Nintendo Switch gaming console in stores, mainly in Japan and other Asian countries. Covid-19 will also have a severe effect on manufacturing and shipping of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The problem is that coronavirus is highly contagious and can be spread through surfaces, meaning it could be transmitted through electronic shipments. Hence, any person with Covid-19 infection handling the production, assembly or shipment of PS5 and Xbox Series X can spread the disease to everyone out there connected to the console.

Launch Date of PS5 and Xbox Series X to be Delayed?

Launch Date of PS5 and Xbox Series X to be Delayed

Microsoft, Sony and AMD who is the main GPU chipset supplier for both the consoles have assured fans that Xbox Series X and PS5 would arrive on time. There might be a shortage of PlayStation 5 and Series X Xbox at the beginning but that would only happen if Coronavirus is not controlled over the next few months.

Everyone is hoping that the Covid-19 outbreak would be contained soon and even if the production process is slowed down, the launch dates of PS5 and Xbox Series X won’t be delayed.