Prison Break season 6 returns

Fans have finally found peace with news of Prison Break season 6 in its final stage of production. A release date for the upcoming season was earlier not confirmed by the mother network.

The makers had also kept the storyline under the wraps. This led fans to speculate what will happen next in the series.

Prison Break Season 6: A completely new angle to explore

Prison Break seasonn 6 cast

Distancing itself from five predecessors, Prison Break sixth installment will have a completely new angle to explore. This itself is a treat to fans.

According to a report by Business Times, the Prison Break season 6 will see a time leap. With very less information available, it is not confirmed how this time jump is going to be.

Does Michael return to prison in Prison Break season 6?

Prison Break season 6 returns

Paul Scheuring, a writer of Prison Break season 6, said the pilot episode would go back to where the show was first started. The episode will literally return to the first place where Michael was living a peaceful life.

It will be interesting to see the writers disrupting the current solitude state of Michael.

To address the speculations made on Michael returning to prison in the upcoming season, writer Paul Scheuring said:

“The idea was Michael comes back, and he’s apparently got a normal life, but with that comes a creeping paranoia that things can’t stay good like this. Unfortunately, that’s not on-screen, but… hopefully the audience gets the subtext that life will never be normal for Michael Scofield.”

Season 5 finale hinted the future installment format

Prison Break season 6 updates

The showrunners of Prison Break season 6 said that the next entry of Michael would provide a new format for him. He will no longer dance to the tune of the malicious forces. He instead could become an undercover operative.

The new format was hinted in the Prison Break season 5 finale.

Prison Break season 6 release is not expected this year. As for the fact, season 6 production is still ongoing.

A report released said that if the filming goes smooth with cast and crew, the release of Prison Break season could happen in the year 2020.