Mohamed Al-Fayed, whose son Dodi died next to Princess Diana in a Paris road tunnel, forewarned Kate Middleton about marrying Prince William a decade before Queen Elizabeth’s death and the couple’s bump in royal status. Mohamed Al-Fayed was the father of Dodi Al-Fayed, who died in the same tunnel as Diana and Dodi.

The billionaire Al-Fayed disclosed this information in an interview that was conducted exclusively with him. He said that he told Middleton that she had every right to love William, but that the Royal family would ruin her.

His stance was made crystal clear, and he told her in no uncertain terms: “Don’t get married. His family will destroy you!”

“Kate, just like Diana, has no idea the price you have to pay when you exchange vows with a Windsor,” he said before her 2011 marriage to William.

“Prince William lived with me when he was a young boy, and I have seen him grow up to become a wonderful man. England should be proud he will be King.”

At least in Al-estimation, Fayed’s Prince William was not the source of the issue. “He has his mother’s charm, and I can completely understand why Kate has fallen in love with him. But the price to pay will be too great,” he told at the time.

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“There is an albatross hanging around William’s neck. It is having the last name, Windsor. The Windsors will fear her in the way they eventually feared Diana because she was so loved by the public, and because of that, they will do their utmost to destroy her.”

Al-Fayed said that the pressure that Middleton is under to keep everyone in the royal family happy “could prove to be too much” for her to handle. He referred to Harry’s father, the newly appointed King Charles III, and his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla, as “poisonous in-laws.”

The entrepreneur, who is now 93 years old, disclosed that William’s mother would have been the first person in line to warn Middleton about the situation if it had occurred.

“But if she had been alive today, Diana would also be the first to caution Kate about marrying into this family,” he stated. “Ordinary rules no longer apply when it is the Windsor family. William will do his best to protect Kate but that may not be good enough.”

Al-Fayed took particular issue with Prince Philip, who had previously served as the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as Camilla.

“His (Philip’s) usual tactic is to get his henchmen, those crusty old courtiers who know every little secret, to begin a smear campaign if he thinks she is not groveling to him enough,” he claimed. “And if that fails, he will then pour poison into the ears of the rest of the family. He will turn them against her through no fault of her own.”

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Al-Fayed made the following statement in reference to the woman who is now Middleton’s mother-in-law: “I think Camilla will hate Kate. When she realizes that the people love Kate a hundred times more than her she could also join the hate campaign.”

We now have evidence that some of what Al-Fayed predicted came to pass. After Queen Elizabeth changed her will and most likely left her $110 million jewelry collection to Kate instead of the Queen Consort, sources told us that Camilla is jealous of Middleton. They said this jealousy stems from the fact that Middleton is engaged to Prince William.

“Kate is clearly the family favorite,” the insider revealed, adding the move would trigger Camilla and Middleton’s sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.

According to our sources, Camilla has always been jealous of the close relationship that Kate Middleton had with the Queen. “She’d never say it, of course, but it’s one of the reasons Camilla resented Kate,” palace sources spilled.