The Prince of Wales talked about how his family is handling the gathering of mourners outside Windsor Castle.

In an effort to minimize the impact of the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II on their daily lives, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, are making a lot of effort.

On Saturday, September 10, after the monarch’s passing, the newly appointed Prince of Wales spent 40 minutes visiting with various mourners and well-wishers gathered outside Windsor Castle. Elaine Gee, a teacher from Wokingham, England, shared with the royal how difficult it can be to explain death to her young students. Prince William shared her sentiments, having himself had to bring up the subject with Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte when they were nine, seven, and four years old, respectively.

Gee revealed to People some of their conversations, saying, “I told him how I work at a school and how it’s been a strange year celebrating the Jubilee and now it’s all changed and we are talking about this. He spoke about George, Charlotte, and Louis, saying that they were trying to keep some sense of continuity for them at school and keep things as normal as possible.” The school teacher also had the chance to speak briefly with the Princess of Wales and express her admiration for Kate’s behavior throughout this trying time of mourning. “Catherine thanked me, and she said that all the nation were feeling it,” Gee said. “They were both very kind and gentle and genuine. It was very special—definitely a moment I will always treasure.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined William and Kate on the tour of Windsor Castle, where they spoke to a large crowd of people paying their respects to the late queen. Sanj Chowdhri, one of those present, told the media outlet that he was surprised but excited to have the chance to meet the Duchess of Sussex in person. “She shook my hand and said it was really nice of us to come and support the family, she was very gracious,” he said, while his wife, Minal Chowdhri, added, “We didn’t expect this; it’s been surreal!”

Debbie Fowler, another onlooker, remarked on how pleasant it was to witness the royals interacting with one another in such a casual manner. She explained, “It was amazing, they were so personable. Somebody gave William a pot plant [a plant in a pot], and he said he was going to plant it. And they were talking about people’s dogs, and Will called Kate over to stroke one near us. They are in mourning, and yet they were so lovely to everyone.” And yet another guest, Cheryl Young, made the trip from Preston to Windsor to personally deliver a bouquet to Kate. “It was magical and very surreal,” she said of that special moment. “I’m actually shaking from the overwhelming atmosphere. Kate said how all the messages were so wonderful to see.”

The Princess of Wales agreed with a visitor who said to her at another point in the celebration that it was almost as if Queen Elizabeth II had been the country’s grandmother. “Yes, I know she will be missed by so many, and it’s lovely to see the outpouring of love from people of all ages here today,” Kate said. “It’s hugely touching to see.”