Staff Sgt. During his wife’s second pregnancy, he was deployed in Kuwait. Cydney Cooper had twin girls and two sons with her husband.

Cydney was pregnant when she got the flu. Emma and Kyla were born prematurely.

He was unable to return to Kansas in time for the birth of his daughters. He video-chatted as much as he could.

Cydney was thankful to see Emma and Kyla getting stronger and healthier. She didn’t want to wait for Skyler to meet them.

Cydney cradled one baby in one hand and her phone in the other on the 12th day in the NICU. Skyler had been texting her all day, eagerly asking for photos and updates about the twins.

She sat with her back to the door as she was texting him back from her hospital room.

Just then, a nurse walked into the room with a surprise that involved, per Cydney’s Facebook post, “1 year of crazy, 1000s of miles, 1 solo pregnancy and delivery, 48392 Skype calls, some superheroes, a few plane rides, 12 NICU days, tons of help from family and friends, and many tears.”