She’s about to head to the bank.

A hot waitress at Hooters is making a lot of money because the restaurant’s customers are so kind. But the reason she gets such big tips isn’t that she has pretty knockers. Instead, it’s because she’s pregnant.

“I’m gonna do another day in the life as a pregnant Hooters girl,” said pregnant waitress Tay B, 21, in a swinging TikTok clip about the amount of money she earned in tips on a random Tuesday afternoon.

In her cashflow video, which has gotten an amazing 3.3 million views, the bun-in-the-oven brunette brags about making more than $400 from customers. Customers probably went to the chicken shack to see the employees’ big breasts rather than their big bellies.

“Tuesdays are usually our slower days…So, I don’t expect to get a whole lot of money, but hopefully it’ll still be a good day,” Tay said at the start of her post.

She then went on to say that the total bill for her first customer of the day was $20.83. But Tay says that when it was time to pay, the man gave her a $100 bill and told her to “keep the change.” This meant that he left her a tip of $79.17.

After that, the happy soon-to-be mother listed the different amounts of tips she got from customers. Some of her “regular” customers left big tips, like $40 on a $9 bill, which made her very happy. There was one “regular” customer who left the tip.

And her day’s earnings went through the roof after she served a table of 35 people, who all gave her generous gifts of money, like a $120 tip. This meant that she had made a total of $600 for the day.

At the end of her video, Tay said that she had made a good amount of money: $417.

“[It was a] pretty freaking amazing Tuesday!,” she gushed.

And the people who use TikTok agreed.

“…Girl you are a rockstar for serving while pregnant! Those people better tip good,” praised a cyber spectator.

“Waitressing while pregnant isn’t for the weak… GO YOU!,” exclaimed another.

And another person who works in the food service industry agreed that customers are more likely to leave bigger tips when they see a big baby bump.

“I made more tips bartending while pregnant than not pregnant,” said a commentator. “It helps.”