An abandoned dog tied to the door of a grocery store can be seen “wagging” its tail at customers, hoping that they will take him in, as per news.billcybe.

A social network account called “Binh An” recently posted a video of an abandoned dog that often picks up customers at the entrance to a supermarket. The heartwarming story is quickly getting around with the help of pictures from everyday life that are very worth seeing. Members of the online community cry when the dog wags its tail in a friendly way to each guest because it shows how much it loves them. The dog’s sweet nature and cute behavior also make people cry.

The dog is in the video of the cute brown-and-white poodle with short hair that is making the rounds on social media. Not sure why the dog was tied up there in front of the grocery store’s entrance, but it’s kind of funny that he’s now the “staff” member who greets customers every day.

When he sees guests coming and going, he wags his tail to say hello, and the love he gets from the guests is returned to him right away. His face is cute and friendly, but it also looks a little sad. It’s not unusual for people to wait for food and drinks or for people walking by to eat them as a thank you.

Because he wanted to shake hands with everyone who walked by, everyone had to stop to thank him and stay to play with the couple. He looked at each person who walked by with sad eyes and a little bit of regret.

The dog couldn’t move, so he just stood there and wagged his tail at the customer over and over again.

Everyone going in and out of the gate stops to pet him as they go by because he is so cute.

People didn’t know how bad the dog’s situation was, but the dog’s owner left it tied to a corner while he went to work. This made everyone who passed by feeling bad for the dog as it sat there with innocent eyes waiting for the owner to come home. People in the online community seem to feel like their hearts are “melting” because of how friendly and loving the dog is.

Dogs are known to be some of the most loyal animals, and in return, they teach us how to be responsible, caring, and concerned. Only one part of the equation is being a foster pet.

People who love dogs and cats will know how comforting it can be to have a furry friend around. The people at the grocery store did a great thing when they stopped what they were doing to tell the dog how they felt about him.

Even if it’s just for a second, the dog will definitely feel all of the complicated feelings that people are having. Dogs can only depend on us, but we think of the outside world as their whole world. All we have to do to feel active love and affection for our pets is touch them.