People who grew up in places where it snows a lot in the winter are the best people to ask about how much fun it is to play snow games outside, even when it’s cold, and they probably have a lot of great stories to share about their experiences. People will never run out of games to play in the snow because they can do so many different things with it, like build snow forts and castles or roll down snow-covered hills. Besides that, it definitely adds to the happiness that comes with the holiday season.

People of any age can enjoy the fun that snow has to offer, but having fun should be done in the right place and at the right time, at least according to what some police officers have been told online.

In December 2022, the staff at St. Paul’s Church in west Hackney took pictures of six men in uniform having a snowball fight near the Stoke Newington police station. This place is in the northwest part of the London Borough of Hackney, which is in the northeastern part of London, England. It was found out that these men were Metropolitan Police Department officers.

After pulling up to a park, the police officers can be seen in a video that has gone viral on the internet throwing snowballs at each other in a game they are playing. The game happens while the police officers are taking a break. At one point, while chasing each other, two female officers started throwing balls at each other. And it didn’t take long before a couple of male officers joined the fun and action. Then, a fifth officer showed up not long after. It turned out that there was also a sixth officer in the same place.

A police van just pulled up. Six officers got out. Then this happened,

a witness said.

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Even though it looked like the police officers were having fun, some of the people didn’t like it, as shown by the fact that they got a complaint soon after it happened.

Make sure to read this article all the way to the end so you can watch the whole video.

People who have seen the video have said that the officers should have been more professional, and they have criticized the officers for playing while they were in their uniforms. Even people who lived nearby told them what they had done was wrong.

In the meantime, the video of the police officers throwing snowballs at each other has been taken down by the church that posted it. This is because of the controversy surrounding the incident.

A member of the public reported our video to The Met and has demanded “disciplinary action,

a spokesperson was quoted.

We have deleted the tweet.

A source says that since then, Scotland Yard, which is also known as “the territorial police force in charge of keeping order in Greater London’s 32 boroughs,” has been in touch with the police officers.

On the other hand, some people thought it wasn’t necessary to even report them, let alone file a complaint against them.

They were reported to The Met? Good grief, indeed there are some very sad individuals around,

one person said.

You’d be really surprised, but the police have these wearable communication devices called ‘radios’ so that they can be contacted immediately if they are needed,

another person remarked.

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A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department said that the police officers were, in fact, on break at the time of the incident.

The video was filmed near Stoke Newington Police Station and the officers are thought to have been on a break at the time,

the spokesperson said.

On the other hand, the police officers said that since the incident, they have reminded their fellow officers of how important it is to act professionally at all times, whether they are on a break or not.

Officers are allowed downtime but have been reminded of the importance of acting professionally while in uniform,

the spokesperson added.