Poldark Season 5 release date, time skip, Clowance and Jeremy grown up

Poldark Season 5 update release date news

Poldark Season 5, are you also waiting for its news? Fans are in for some major shocks as the new season of Poldark gears up for release. Although the cast and crew have their lips tightly sealed about the upcoming installment, a lot can be guessed from Winston Graham’s novel of the same name.

Time skip ahead

Poldark Season 5

Speculations suggest that the new season will feature Clowance and Jeremy all grown up. Fans already know that there will be a long period of a time skip this season. The official synopsis has been released by BBC and the fifth season is set to launch “in a new century”. The synopsis also added an ominous hint, saying, “The past casts a long shadow over Cornwall.”


Showrunner Debbie Horsefield has said before that a major portion of the show’s story will be based on “The Stranger from the Sea”. The book shows several changes in the plot and characters in the ‘gap’ years.

Who is the stranger

Poldark Season 5Although everybody associated with the Poldark Season 5 has kept mum about the plot, speculations can be made based on the book. The Stranger from the Sea focuses on Stephen Carrington, rescued by Jeremy from the titular sea. Carrington’s entry is expected to cause several changes in the lives of the Poldarks.

BBS has not yet made any statement about “grown-up” Jeremey and Clowance, but several new cast members have been added. The major names include Peter Sullivan, Kerri McLean, Lily Dodsworth Evans, and Sofia Oxenham.

Poldark Season 5 shooting wrapped up in February this year, but the release may be postponed till later this year.

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