Poldark season 5 cast season 6

The fifth season of BBC Poldark is about to be released, and fans are already aware that this will be the final installment of the show. However, one of the show writers has said that this may not be the end of the journey for Ross Poldark, the titular character.

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The last season for Poldark

Poldark Season 5 update release date newsMillions of fans have been waiting eagerly for the show to return. Everybody is excited to see what will happen next between Ross and Demelza, played by Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson respectively.

BBC has already revealed that the show will be returning to the silver screen late this summer for its fifth and final installment. A lot of fans were disappointed to know that their favorite show is finally coming to an end.

However, there is still a ray of hope considering that the show writer Debbie Horsfield revealed that fans will still get to know more about Poldark. Winston Graham still has 5 books to write in the series on which the show is based.

Could Poldark return for a season 6?

She said: “Never say never. We’ve had an amazing run, but there are five books left and who knows what could happen in a few years’ time?”

However, it is up to Mammoth screen and BBC whether they want Poldark to return. Debbie added that Winston and BBC have an excellent relationship and she is hopeful that the BBC would not want anyone else to write for Poldark’s next seasons if they do decide to produce the series.

Fans are well aware that the fifth season will be focused on the death of Elizabeth’s character. She died after giving birth to her child Ursula.