Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu is one of the best live action adaptation of any video game or anime based movie. Ryan Reynolds voicing and providing motion capture for cute little Pikachu made the movie famous worldwide. The rest of the work was done by a nicely presented story and realistic CGI.

While Detective Pikachu is liked by everyone, many people are confused about what happened at the end. Here is the Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie ending explained in detail.

How was Pikachu speaking?

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

The most confusing part of Detective Pikachu movie was that Pikachu is able to speak and that only to Tim Goodman. At the end of the movie, it was revealed that Tim’s father Harry who was presumed dead, was actually alive.

Harry, played by Ryan Reynolds himself got his conscious transferred into his Pokemon Pikachu when he had an accident at the start of the movie. Since Harry had a special connection with his son Tim, it allowed them to understand each other.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Also, Harry suffered a head injury due to which he was not able to remember things. The main reason him being confused about his identity himself throughout the Detective Pikachu movie.

Role of Mewtwo in the Story

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

What many viewers seem to miss was the role of Mewtwo and its importance in the story of Detective Pikachu movie. The movie’s main villain Howard Clifford was crazy about using Mewtwo and its mysterious powers. Howard’s plan was to use the unlimited psychic power of Mewtwo to transfer his mind into another body and gained immortality.

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Howard has hired detective Harry (later revealed to be Ryan Reynolds) to track down Mewtwo after the Pokemon escaped. When Harry realizes the evil plans of Howard about torturing Mewtwo, he saves the Pokemon at the cost of his own life.

That was the main reason why Mewtwo chooses to transfer Harry’s soul in the body of his Pokemon Pikachu and treat his physical body in the meanwhile. In the end, Tim reunites with his father and Pikachu becomes a normal Pokemon from Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon Evolution with Humans

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu movie focused a lot on the mental connection between Pokemon and their trainers. It deals that Pokemon are not just simply monsters, they have a soul too. Pokemon evolution is a process, that happens when they reach a connection with their trainers.

Pokemon and humans share a unique friendship and ready to save each other at the cost of their own life. In the end, Time refuses when Harry offers a chance to spend time with him, which he always wanted. Tim has developed a new bond with Pikachu, which might be explored in the upcoming Detective Pikachu sequel.