Detective Pikachu review

All right! Detective Pikachu is a totally different movie. The first clue to prove this is that Poke Balls are illegal in Rhyme city. Bingo. So your journey into this adventure video game is not going to be an ordinary one. There are a variety of surprises for you in store. Hold your breath and let the magic take its course.

The movie opens up as just a perfect paradise for both humans and Pokemon. However, the truth is far from you can imagine. The neo-noir adventure catches you off guard.

Detective Pikachu: Ingredients of a blockbuster

Detective Pikachu movie review

The movie has got all the ingredients of a blockbuster. It has got emotion. It is dark and sometimes surprisingly mature. So if you think it is not made for you, then you got to think twice. Directed by Rob Letterman, Detective Pikachu is an almost perfect shot had it not been for Ryan Reynolds. This Deadpool is still in his character and makes it a bit too much for Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu: movie plot

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The movie starts with a Pokeball. There is this Fast and Furious type moment with a car chase scene after which the whole plot shifts to a small village where the rest of the story unfolds. There is this guy Tim Goodman who is a small-time insurance agent. His friend sends him out into woods on some pretext as he is worried that he has not caught any Pokemon yet. The effort does not fare well and Tim returns back to his village. The death of his father then takes him to Rhyme City.

Detective Pikachu is a great mystery overall with twists as brutal at times as in movies by Christopher Nolan. However, the best part of the movie is its world. It is like Alice’s Wonderland.