Pokémon Go is having a will soon have a new update. If you loved the furry little Pikachu from the Detective Pikachu movie then you’re in for a feast! Now you can catch the same Pikachu while playing Pokémon Go.

The developers of Pokémon Go, Niantic, in association with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, has announced that a slew of movie-related content is coming to the mobile game Pokémon Go for a short time.

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From the timeframe of May 7(at 1 p.m. PT) until May 17, the players will have access to exclusive Detective Pikachu content. Players will have a chance of catching the likes of deerstalker-wearing Pikachu, Pikachu wearing a detective hat and confrontation with few selected Pokémon featured in the movie.

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What Detective Pikachu content is available and how do I get it?

The major attraction, the Detective Pikachu can be yours by just clicking a photo of yourself using the in-game Go Snapshot feature. After clicking the picture, if you’re lucky you might catch the furry little Pikachu wearing a detective hat. This method can be used to catch Smeargle and the Pokemon Hat Pikachu.

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The players will also be able to catch a whole set of other Pokémons in the game by various means.

Moreover, you can carry out Raid Battles that confront Pokémon with starring roles in the film.

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You can also customize your in-game avatar with matching apparels from the movie.

Detective Pikachu will hit the theatres worldwide on May 10.

Good Luck catching them and Pika pika!