A Pitbull puppy was rescued from the brink of death.



When a Pitbull was dying in Nova Scotia, Marine Joey Wagner rose up to the occasion and went beyond the call of duty. The puppy is covered in mange. The man acted immediately! His quick thinking saved the pup’s life.

The medical team didn’t like the idea of Mojo being given away. They called upon a very special person to see if he would allow Mojo into his home. He had already opened up his heart.



When he returned to the clinic to see his puppy, he was greeted with a very special welcome. When he saw the guy who saved him, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It is impossible for me to doubt that he welcomed him back because he recognized him.

Three years is a long time for a child, but Mojo is doing great. He is a happy young man and resides with his family. It has been said that he is quite pampered.