The 69-year-old James Bond actor was responding to a vile Facebook commenter who had made a comparison between his wife’s appearance now and that of when she wed Brosnan in 2001.

In response to cruel social media trolls’ comments about his 22-year-old wife Keely’s appearance, Pierce Brosnan has spoken out about her. Once again, Pierce Brosnan has shown Keely Shaye Smith what a wonderful husband he is.

In order to demonstrate how much the couple had changed, the commentator juxtaposed older photos of the couple with more recent ones.

Before the actor decided to take matters into his own hands and make a statement of his own, the post went viral and received countless fat-shaming and hateful comments directed at Pierce’s wife Keely.

The Irish actor, who frequently shares sweet photos of him and his wife on social media, spoke out strongly to defend his wife, declaring that he thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world and that he “loves every curve” of her body.

Pierce reportedly wrote: “Friends offered her surgery to reduce her weight. But I strongly love every curve of her body.

“She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. And also because she had our five children.

“In the past, I truly loved her for her person, not only for her beauty, and now I’m loving her even more that she is my children’s mother.

“And I am very proud of her, and I always seek to be worthy of her love.”

The two have been dating ever since the James Bond actor and journalist Keely first connected at a party in Cabo San Lucas in 1994, a year before the actor made his Bond debut in Golden Eye.

Pierce later admitted to People about their first encounter that he fell in love with Keely at first sight.

“Wherever I went in the world I missed her, and I’d send her tickets to come so we could be together. We just seemed to fit,” adding: “I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good.”

Dylan and Paris are the couple’s two children.

Pierce had three children with his first wife, Cassandra Harris, who tragically passed away in 1991 from ovarian cancer. Pierce also adopted Charlotte and Christopher Brosnan, Cassandra’s children from a previous marriage.