If life was a video game, what would it be like? There is some very intense evidence that shows that our reality is full of weird, unexplainable glitches.

It would be quite like Blade Runner, The Sims, and even Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s not just jump to conclusions after viewing this entertaining collection of photos with things that look like errors. Think of things being out of focus.


1. The Entrance of An Underwater Observatory In Lake Zug (Switzerland).


2. 8-bit Doggo


3. A friend spotted a glitch in the Matrix.


4. The building looks like it’s just one wall of windows.


5. There is a shadow from two trees in my parking lot.


6. Low-Resolution Clouds.


7. This is Flat Farmland in Eastern Colorado that is covered in snow.


8. This picture of a car bumper looks like it’s from another world.


9. My Buddy’s Cup looked weird on the table.


10. Need to increase the Render Distance option.


11. It looks like a bad video game when the sun is overhead.


12. This fence looks like the boundary of a playable area.


13. I took a photo of the furniture in this room.



14. The way the leaves grow makes the tree look blurry.


15. These trees are rendered poorly.


16. This grass and brick combination though.


17. Just a black house in Germany.


18. No glitch in the photo, Jama Masjid, Ahmedabad.


19. The Apple’s Skin Looks Like a Low-Poly Game


20. Someone hasn’t finished the world of light map.


21. A Flood Caused this Floating Ice Effect.


22. It looks like the floor suddenly drops off.


23. Drive past this building every morning and managed to take a picture today.


24. I took a photo of The Charles River.


25. Truck canopy floating.


26. Some pixels couldn’t be loaded by Sky.exe


27. This church’s textures haven’t been loaded yet.


28. This building is having a rendering error.


29. The mosque in Istanbul looks like it was rendered on the lowest settings.


30. A glitch in the Matrix.


31. Seems like a Matrix glitch.


32. These trees didn’t render properly.


33. My peeler makes the peels look pixelated.


34. The out-of-focus Eastern Redbud.


35. Just The Tide Line in Church Bay, NZ.