A popular way of making pictures look better is through the use of a software program. People who have mastered the skill participate in online battles. These battles are still going on! They are fun.

There is a community dedicated to the topic of ‘Photoshop Battles‘. The online community has a place for people to show off their creativity. They describe it as a place to battle using image manipulation software, play tennis, create new images from old photos, and even win Reddit gold.


1. Doggo on the 102nd floor of the Empire State building.


2. Patrick Star spotted.


3. Angry green pepper.


4. Chinchilla On My Mind.


5. Chinese Porcelain Makeup.


6. Doggo chilling on a windy day in Ireland.


7. Sculpture In Ireland.


8. “What you say to me?!”


9. Trump Peeking.


10. Doggo dressed as Pennywise.


11. Bride posing in front of the ocean.


12. An Eagle wrapped up in a towel.


13. An engagement is interrupted by a jogger.


14. Just a cat in a cone.


15. Dog Wearing Plastic Bags To Go Pee In The Rain.


16. Doggo wearing box helmet.


17. Happy Corgy walking.


18. A cat residing in the dark realm.


19. Squirrel lost in deep thoughts.


20. Just a guy flipping rice.