Sometimes you’ll see a picture that makes you feel so confused. Then you have to look at the picture twice or three times to figure out what it’s about. And once you know what it is, you’ll find it even more interesting than you thought. You think the picture shows a white cat and its shadow, but it’s actually a black cat in the “shadow.” Or a picture that looks like the cup is taking off but is actually a dog with a Starbucks cup in its nose. It’s called “camouflage.”

So, today we’re going to show you some funny camo pictures that will make you scratch your head. If you want to do something fun for yourself, just take a look at these. If you look at these pictures again, you’ll have to rub your eyes or zoom out. Let’s get started!


“This seafarer popped on my wall today”


“I thought the chair was broken”


“Pinky finger”


“Tell Tinin we found his dog”


“Invisible man in the suit”


“Don’t step on him”




“Dog with a Starbucks cup in its snout”


“Only a top”


“Couldn’t find my tortilla”


“My coffe+milk had the same shade of brown as my mug this morning”


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“Matching set”


“Yes, my dad is in the picture even though it looks like he’s part of the painting”


“There’s a cellphone in this photo”


“Marble floor probably wasn’t the best idea”


“Took me a second”


An excellent camouflage of owls.


“My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow”