They say you should never disturb the person who handles your food. Similarly, the last person you want to care about on your wedding day is your vendor.

After being denied break and mealtimes, the couple’s photographers deleted all wedding photos on the spot. His actions vibrate social media and ask if he is right and if he has done things too much.

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An anonymous photographer using the Reddit identifier Icy-Reserve6995 shared her experience on the AITA thread.

She starts posting by quickly explaining that she is not a professional photographer. Dog grooming was her chosen profession, and she did it in favor.


“I take a lot of dog pictures all day and post them on Facebook and Instagram. If that makes sense, it’s me,” she explained.

According to Icy-Reserve6995, it contains pictures of dogs cut and rarely takes anything other than dogs.


Next, Redditor explains how one of her friends, who is about to get married asks her if she wants to photograph his wedding.

“I said it wasn’t my strength, but he convinced me that they didn’t care if they were perfect. They were on a tight budget and I agreed to shoot it for $ 250. This is nothing in 10 hours.”


Icy-Reserve6995 is not joking though. $250 isn’t a bad deal after all!

As a married person, let me tell you, it’s very expensive. According to a recent article on WeddingWire, the average cost of a wedding photo in the United States is about $2000.


The day started early with bridal photography.

After she finished taking pictures of the bride preparing, Icy-Reserve 6995 followed her various appointments on the wedding day and took pictures as they went.


“I record the ceremony myself, and at the reception, and recording a mix of speeches and people conversating,” she mentioned.

As Icy-Reserve6995 states, her day had begun around 11:30 am. She was scheduled to take pictures until about 7:30 pm.


Icy-Reserve6995 was hungry and thought that since dinner was being served it was time for a break.

“The food is served around 5 pm and I was told I couldn’t eat because I had to be a photographer,” she said. “In fact, they didn’t even reserve a table for me.”


By this time of the night, frustration had begun to subside.

“I’m tired and at this point, I’m a little disappointed that I did it with almost nothing,” said Icy-Reserve 6995. “It’s also incredibly hot. The place is in an old veteran corps, like 110F, with no air conditioning.”


On the verge of starvation, Icy-Reserve6995 approached the groom and told him that she needed a break for 20 minutes.

The bride and groom did not consider feeding the vendors. There was no open bar, so Icy-Reserve 6995 couldn’t even get bottled water.


“He told me I had to be a photographer or had to go unpaid.”

Icy-Reserve6995 was shocked and surprised at how her friend spoke to her. She processed his words and then asked if he was being serious.

He replied that was the case.


Without hesitation, Icy-Reserve 6995 took out the camera and erased all the photos taken in front of the groom.

The $250 payday was negligible. Icy-Reserve6995 said that she would have been willing to pay $250 for a glass of cold water and a light meal at the time.


The majority of Reddit users support the Icy-Reserve 6995 decision.

Today, it is common to include meals for vendors at weddings. How would you feel if you worked all day and did not get anything to eat?

Respect the vendors or take the risk of consequences for treating them badly.