Philadelphia 76ers resign Ben Simmons after immense drama

The Philadelphia 76ers finally re-signed Ben Simmons after so much drama in the free agency. The rookie contract of Simmons has been extended for five years in a blockbuster deal. The 76ers  re-signed Ben Simmons for a five-year deal at a contract sum of $170 million. Even though Simmons still has a problem in his jumps and shoots, the 76ers had no other option.

Ben Simmons is all happy with the deal as no other team would offer such a handsome pay. While it looks like the Philly had taken a big risk, it is actually opposite of that. Here are the reasons why the 76ers and Ben Simmons deal is so important and what are their future plans.

Importance of the Deal

Jimmy Butler already left the team of Philadelphia 76ers which was a major blow to them. The 76ers can’t afford losing more star players as Ben Simmons was part of the NBA All-Star in the 2018-19 season. There were some other few options for a deal such as one year pay and restricted free agent for next season. But it would mean that Simmons have to be constantly worried for the whole year about his future.

The 76ers could have just done nothing and wait to match an offer from other teams. Although it sounds good, there might be a chance other teams quoting high figures just to mess with the 76ers. Ben Simmons was very important to the team and the 76ers after much discussion offered him the max contract.

Ben Simmons to Focus only at 76ers Team

The effects of the deal are already seen as Simmons now seems fully committed to his tenure at the 76ers team. For those who don’t know, Simmons is actually part of the Australian basketball team. The FIBA world cup in Australia is happening in the summer, but Simmons is planning to miss that out.

As per the reports, Simmons will focus totally on his play at the Philadelphia 76ers team. He has already started training with Chris Johnson, who has trained several NBA players including Jimmy Butler. The 76ers have faith in the Australian player and are planning to make Ben Simmons as the face of their franchise in the future years.