PewDiePie has made a name for himself in the online streaming community. He is currently the most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 94 million subscribers and 21 billion views. He is currently in a battle with T-Series, an Indian music company over whose channel is the largest in the industry.

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About PewDiePie

About PewDiePieHis real name is Felix Kjellberg, and he is originally from Sweden. He makes comedy videos, reviewing memes from his subreddit, and releasing gaming streams. He has uploaded nearly 4000 videos on his channel. Felix refers to his subscribers as the 9-year old army.

YouTube earnings and net worth

PewDiePie's YouTube earnings and net worthFelix gets an average of 180 million views per month. This is considering that he uploads a video every day, and each video garners nearly 6 million views. Youtube pays creators $7.50 per thousand views. The calculations then reveal that Felix earns at least 1 million dollars every month.

In 2013, The Wall Street Journal released a report that said that he earned 4 million dollars that year, and Felix had stated in one of his videos that that was a fairly correct estimate.

In recent estimates, he seems to be earning at least $12 million a year. Forbes revealed a report that Kjellberg managed to earn that amount in 2017 despite all the negative news stories that year.

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His net worth is estimated to be $20 million.