PewDiePie leaving YouTube and Twitch confirmed: Moving to blockchain platform DLive

    PewDiePie DLive Leaving YouTube

    PewDiePie is the biggest name when it comes to YouTubers. Over the years Felix Kjellberg (his real name) has amassed a large number of followers and is currently involved in a rivalry with T-Series for the most number of subscribers, which he is winning. However, in a strange turn of events, PewDiePie might soon be leaving YouTube!

    PewDiePie Leaving YouTube joining dlive

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    The popular YouTuber announced in a recent video that he is migrating to DLive for some of his exclusive live videos. DLive is a blockchain-based video streaming platform. Let us take a closer look and see what it means for the future of The Pewd on YouTube.

    Is PewDiePie Leaving YouTube Forever?

    DLive is a platform that believes in ‘sharing the wealth’. Unlike YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms, it won’t take a cut from the content creators’ earnings. Hence, PewDiePie, who has often advocated this demand for the creators – was approached by DLive to join their platform.

    PewDiePie Leaving YouTube Blockchain Platform DLive

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    This does not mean that he is leaving YouTube forever – but only that some of his new streams will now be exclusive to DLive.

    PewDiePie on DLive: When Will He Stream Videos There?

    PewDiePie has set up his DLive account which already has over 75,000 subscribers without him even posting a single video. His first live stream will take place there on the 14th of April. During his first stream, Lino tokens (DLive’s native tokens) worth $10,000 to $50,000 will be distributed among fellow content creators.

    PewDiePie Quitting YouTube and Twitch

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    This comes at a time when the relationship between PewDiePie and YouTube has gone a little rocky. Of late, there have been several allegations against him for posting white supremacist and racist content.

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