T-series vs Pewdiepie has led to Pewcrypt Ransomeware

Pewdiepie the Swedish Youtuber is in the news for all the wrong reasons and this time for Pewcrypt Ransomware.

He has been surrounded by controversy after the New Zeland shooter asked to “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” before going on killing spree.

After some time a someone spray painted the same message around New Christ Church.

What is Pewcrypt?

The new controversy has aroused when some fan released a Pewcrypt Ransomware with a note which reads “Subscribe to Pewdiepie”.

T-series vs Pewdiepie has led to Pewcrypt Ransomeware

With all the antics that Pewdiepie fan have done to keep him the most subscribed channel ranges from school presentations to straight up hacking the printers to print “Subscribe to Pewdipie”.

HackerGiraffe exploited a printer bug to print Subscribe to Pewdiepie.

In 2018 someone hacked the Wall Street Journal website and posted a message asking people to support Pewdiepie by subscribing him.

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know about the subscriber battle that has been going on between Pewdiepie and T-series.

The Independent reports that the ransomware Pewcrypt locks out the user from their data. Also and creator claim to help reach Pewdiepie 100 million subscriber or their data will be deleted.

Note in the ransomware threatens”If T-Series beats PewdiePie the private key will be deleted and your files are gone forever”.

Fix for Pewcrypt

After severing backlash the developer of Pewcrypt posted a decryption tool as well as an open source version of Pewcrypt which can be modified freely.

Although there is no report on how many users have been affected by the ransomware. Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft released their own decryption tool for Pewcrypt allowing the users to decrypt the data safely.

Emsisoft described the ransomware as Java-based ransomware that uses RSA and AES to encrypt the user data and uses extension .pewcrypt.

Emsisoft also warned not to trust hacker’s decryption tool.

Even after so many efforts and stunts by the fans T-Series finally dethroned Pewdiepie and became the most subscribed YouTube channel.