After the first look at Tinker Bell, the Peter Pan live-action trailer got more than 132,000 dislikes on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

In Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy, Wendy Darling and her two brothers meet Peter Pan and go to Neverland, where everyone stays young forever.

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While they are there, they meet Peter Pan’s worst enemy, Captain Hook.

Since 2016, work has been going on the adaptation, and now fans have their first look at the movie.

But people have had different thoughts about it.

Check out the trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy below.

The movie will be available on Disney+ on April 28, and the trailer shows some of its great visuals and action scenes to get fans excited.

Even though the trailer has only been up for less than a day, YouTube users have already given it more than 132,000 dislikes and only about 30k likes.

Many people are upset over the fact that Black actress Yara Shahidi will play Tinker Bell.

Fans are upset because Tinker Bell was white and had blonde hair in the original Disney animated movie, which became the standard for how she looked.

People have now said that the movie got it wrong by “race-swapping” the character.

One fan writes:

So in Peter Pan and Wendy, Tinker bell is race swapped. Surprised, no not really because it’s the only thing Disney Studios is known for now.

Clearly it’s not good storytelling or competent writing, all they do now is meet quotas and pander.

Another says:

So instead of giving people of colour their own movies or making new movies with POC characters, they decided to just make white characters Black for some reason to be like, ‘Hey, we are so accepting we support everyone’.

A third adds:

Disney formula: Remake every beloved classic into a mid and forgettable live-action version filled with their woke identity politics checklist.

Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

While someone comments:

Black Tinker Bell, Black Little Mermaid. Some writers to Disney: Shouldn’t we make original characters and original scripts instead?

Disney: Nah let’s spend millions of cash on redoing old animation to live action.

Another fan says that there is a Black fairy in the Peter Pan stories and that the movie should have shown her instead of remaking Tinker Bell.

They pen:

I don’t like this, there was already a fairy like that before, her name was Iridessa the fairy of light and she was my favourite.

But some fans are happy that the role of Tiger Lily was given to Native American actress Alyssa Wapanatahk.

After the white actress Rooney Mara played Peter Pan in the 2015 movie Pan, it was said that other live-action versions of the story had “whitewashed” the character.

Peter Pan trailer

Wapanatahk has even defended the soon-to-be-released movie, saying that the writers worked hard to get the Native American characters right.

The actress explains:

When I first read that script, I could see the change.

The first time they told me that there was a cultural consultant team, I thought I need to be part of that team you know, all hands on deck


On April 28, Peter Pan & Wendy will be available to stream on Disney+.