If the internet is a dumping ground for people’s crazy thoughts and hilarious stories, then the most personal corner of the web is the social networking site, Twitter. Here are some of the most honest statements of the week.


1. Perfect Timing.


2. Petition For A Three-Day Weekend.


3. That’s Real Productivity.


4. In Every Couple.


5. Rage Against Which Machine, Exactly?.


6. Don’t We All?


7. When Your Best Friend’s The Roomba.


8. Different Times, Different People.


9. Girl, Guess What.


10. No Substances Needed.


11. I’m Always Going At The Right Pace.


12. Psycho Or Genius?


13. The Real Reason For A Ph.D.


14. Won’t Be THAT Old Man.


15. Yeah, Exa–Wait, What?


16. Oh For Crying Out Loud.