Being fooled is one of the ugliest aspects of love and dating. But when you unknowingly help promote deception, it’s just cruel.

So, to experience the pain of others, see below and check out these stories of those who have experienced the misfortune of being the “others” of the adventure.


What would happen if it was you?

“The guy I went out with was very reluctant, shy, and thought it was just fun, so it’s not a big deal without knowing the story of his life, but later. He got caught and said he had a 2-year-old girl. “–Reddit u/aReallyCleverName


How would you trust a relationship based on a lie?

This anonymous Redditor fell in love with a salesperson who was 10 years older than her. This salesperson has also been dating for over 9 years. What started as a flirt quickly turned into a complete romance.

They will be separated after four years due to their uncertainty about being “other women”.


When you realize that you’re the “other” woman.

“It hurts him to lie all the time,” explained Redditor lolalodge. They said, “It wasn’t so unfaithful, it was a lie and a breach of trust.”


The transition from being best friends to another woman.

Another anonymous Reddit user talks about his being the “best guy” at his best friend’s wedding. One night he confessed that he no longer loved her wife and he was secretly waiting for her. He promised to divorce his wife, but that never happened.


Knowing that you misunderstood someone is the most painful thing.

“We were really good together. But his wife’s father was a military general, so he was doing this comfortable job and didn’t want to sacrifice it for me. He didn’t care about her, and after all … or me … “- Reddit u / Sobrikett


Why should I care if she doesn’t?

Reddit user justagirlandherdog fell in love with her bubbling high school lover. He had been engaged for eight years, during which time the two sent text messages and exchanged sexy pictures on Snapchat.


Gotta love yourself first.

“I was another woman in high school. Was naive and stupid. I wasn’t very popular so the guy finally turned my attention to me so I’m okay to be the side chick. ” -Reddit u/robairsarai


Herpes is a forever infection.

This Reddit user was sleeping with a married man who kept promising to leave his wife. He later learned that she was only one of several different women after she had a sexually transmitted disease from the man in question.


It always doesn’t have to be about him.

“I wasn’t a seducer. When I asked him when I could see him again, he said he was over it. It exploded that everything was at that moment and it wasn’t easy to leave everything. That’s not what asked. ” – Reddit u/Anonymous


Is this supposed to be a happy ending?

This Redditor was a senior director with whom she had an illegal relationship. In the end, he left his wife, and the two married. They now have their own children and are still married.


Ownership isn’t easy as it sounds.

“I’m another man and I know it’s bad. Some emotions outweigh the feelings of other morals and judgments, but at least I’m not lying to myself and it’s my fault. No. Something is wrong. Simple and easy. ” -Reddit u/Chubbybrownbear


Looking at things from a different perspective.

Anonymous Redditor commented on how she deliberately slept with a man she had a different relationship with and didn’t care about. According to her, it’s one of the best experiences in her life and she’s grateful for it.


Fooled for seven years.

“I forgot the fact that he had a 7-year-old (resident) girl. From her friends, I felt territorial that I was moving with her when she didn’t really know. It turned out to be. It made me feel hopeless and pathetic. ” -Reddit u/anneylani


Some people lack feelings.

This Redditor has just finished having sex with a man she thought she loved when he answered a phone call from his long-distance girlfriend while she was still in the same bed.


The plot becomes thicker.

“I wasn’t another woman, but my best friend was. Plot: She was my other wife. My boyfriend wanted us to continue having sex. – Reddit u/Deleted

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