When you see something that you are laughing at, you wonder if you should actually be laughing at it or if you have messed it up.

With that idea in mind, I hope you enjoy these 19+ people who we hope are joking!


“My name is Noah. Everyone spells it wrong. I thought there was one place that would get it right.”

I was surprised that anyone would have trouble spelling Noah. It’s a straightforward name. I thought.


“High school prom in ’98. I had really long curly hair and wanted to cut it off soon, so I went out with a bang.”

Is it worth it to have this potentially blackmail-worthy picture be held over you for the rest of your life?


“Dad Jokes: Tramp Stamp Edition!”

That is a real commitment. He doesn’t expect people to kiss his backside when they go into his house, so I hope it’s a bit.


Wait… What?

I hope they didn’t find someone having sex in the elevators.


“Septic tank service truck got jokes.”

I hope that they’re joking and that politicians don’t just talk about how they’re going to lower taxes when they drain out the insides. You can either make more jobs or.


“They’re not wrong but still…”

I think they should have spent more of their life savings. He says he has no ability to save money.


“Well… they’re not wrong.”

They will allow you to be on your feet. If they were threatening to break your legs, I would be more worried.


“Someone really likes Kit Kats…”

This is insane. I can understand why they felt the need to go to such lengths if it was a peanut butter Kitkat.


“I too enjoy grammar jokes. Too bad we had to take it down.”

I think they got a lot of complaints from people who thought they were talking about eating their family.



I grew up with trust issues because of this. That and the fact that my parents lied to me all the time.


“My boss said he was nervous that I was configuring our client’s new computer on the ground. I decided to prank him.”

I hope he pranked him by changing the wallpaper to a fake crack and not by smashing the screen.


“My friend lost his leg in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. This was his April fools joke to the kids playing in the park.”

You always leave a note because of that. Does anyone know if that reference has slipped out of the spotlight? Let me know in the comments.


“They did the math.”

This jar has a high-interest rate. I might keep all of my savings in this jar. You could fit them in.


“I was 10 and obsessed with Lois & Clark (and Teri Hatcher). I used scissors and glue. At the time I honestly thought this looked legit.”

Wow.Just wow. It’s amazing, I love it. This person has been sharing this image for a long time.


“This guy can’t be serious.”

Apparently, he was serious. It will cost a fortune to get something like that delivered, so I can understand his thinking.


“Some people like to celebrate flag day pretty seriously…”

It is a lot to do for such a small payoff, even if it is for a joke. You’re going to be sleeping in a lot of pain for a while.


“Can’t stop thinking about it.”

I don’t know who the person is at the airport that drinks all of the stuff at the end of the day. They are hammered every night.


“They seem serious.”

I don’t think anyone else likes Cheetos as much as I do. Get something else. Cheetos are not that great.


“Hope my wife doesn’t find out what I had with dinner…”

My partner would be annoyed that I spent $9. That’s way overpriced. Isn’t it?


“Math may not seem very important to some, but in my school, it’s pretty serious stuff!”

I don’t understand mathematics, but I think that this math teacher should be banned from all nearby pet stores.


“Still wondering whether he did this on purpose or not.”

He must have been standing there for a long time for them to make this bust of him.


“You saw him touch the plate! What is WRONG with you?!”

There are few things that are more embarrassing than seeing a parent take their children’s sporting events too seriously.


“I see what you did there Brandon…”

The best response to this one I saw was, “Doctor will Raichu a new prescription.” If you were thinking of making a Raichu joke, this guy looks like him.


“A panoramic gone wrong. What have I created?”

They’re using the panoramic as an excuse. I think that they created a horrible dog centipede and are just watching how people react.


“Apple really blew it on this one.”

U2 is your favorite band. I hope you had a hard time getting this problem fixed. I mean really?


“Friend’s GF really loves his new shirt.”

I don’t think that this guy is going to have a girlfriend for a long time.


“I just can’t take them seriously anymore…”

If they’re not joking, then you should be safe to commit any crime in this area, as they’ll have a job catching you no matter what mode of transport you’re using!


“Last day of the school term and this teacher must be really keen on the holidays!”

“Hi, I’m here to collect my child?”

“Sorry it’s after 2, you’ll have to just head over to eBay and put a bid in now if you don’t mind?”



“Gotta get them all confused at an early age.”

This is what scares children the most.


“The incident report my buddy got from his daughter’s daycare.”

If this isn’t a bigger problem before then, then keep this around and use it to humiliate her later in life.