Annie Dillard said, “How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives. It’s normal for people to want to be happy at work since one-third of their adulthood is spent there. It’s not always the case.

There are many ways companies make their employees miserable. Lack of training and two-way communication, excessively strict policies, toxic managers, lousy wages, the list goes on. Some organizations find ways to get under people’s skin even before they hire them, because of their miserable job descriptions and offensive interviews.

Many disappointed people turn to the internet to complain. We compiled a list of complaints we see online the most in an attempt to recap today’s job market and working conditions.


1. Trophy And A Dog Park.


2. Truth.


Despite a winter wave of coronaviruses, the job market came through January in better shape than expected.

According to a new tally from the Labor Department, employers added 467,000 jobs last month. The surge in COVID-19 cases brought on by the omicron variant is even more impressive.

The unemployment rate went up to 4% in January from 3.9%.


3. Buy Fewer Yachts.


4. Cut CEO Salary By $ 1 Million.


5. Hear Him Out.

The good news for the Biden administration was the positive report.

“America is back to work,” President Biden told reporters at the White House on Friday. “Our country is taking everything that COVID has to throw at us and we’ve come back stronger.”

Relief is on the horizon for employers who have struggled to fill vacant spots amidst the Great Resignation because the share of people working or looking for work has increased.


6. Salary Transparency.


7. Unrig The System.


8. He’s Going To Learn The Hard Way.


9. I know a lot of people can feel the pain.


According to a Gallup poll, only 15% of the world’s one billion full-time employees are engaged in work.

70% of American workers aren’t satisfied with how things are going, but this figure is significantly better in the U.S.


10. Sad story.


11. Finally Someone Who Gets It.


12. Ain’t That The Truth?


13. Taking Your Job.


The major elements that contribute to a person’s happiness or discontent are pinpointed in the book Happiness At Work by Jessica Pryce-Jones. She thinks that if a worker has high levels of confidence, commitment, conviction, contribution, and culture fit, they will achieve their potential at work.


14. Discuss Salaries From Now On.


15. Work Is Work And Should Be Paid.


16. Give Us More Money.


17. Believe In Yourself.


Some of these things are not in the hands of the employers. Our attitude and perception affect our happiness. The professor at the London Business School told Forbes that they expect something to happen in order to be happy.


18. Protect Your Coworkers.


19. Good Idea!


20. That’s Why It Is So Hard To Get A Job.


21. Every Manager Needs To Hear This.


While we push our prospects of happiness into the future, we’re missing out on the chance of happiness at work. “We don’t recognize that we have tremendous control over our happiness.”


22. I Would…


23. My English Teachers Favorite Line.


24. This Is Reality.


25. Run Me My Money!


Workers should stop labeling things as good or bad.

“The moment you say something is a ‘bad’ thing, you experience it that way,” he explained. “You live your life in a constant cycle reinforcing itself.” According to him, thinking happy thoughts will make them a reality is a form of self-deception. He suggests looking at situations in a different way.

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26. Good Job.


27. Emotionally checked out of the week by then.


28. All Colleges Should Offer This.


29. McDonald’s.


30. The hospital janitor worked extra hard and the CEO got a 13 percent raise.