Human beings are not perfect. Sometimes we have a hard time letting go of the things we don’t like.

Sometimes we judge people if we’re being honest with ourselves. People are sharing what it is that they tend to judge others for.


When someone used the toilet seat and doesn’t clean up.

I don’t mean to single you out, but you know who you are. I have started to pee sitting down in order to avoid arguments since I moved in with my fiancée.


People using FaceTime in public.

Why is it that the calls turn into screaming matches? I don’t understand it. Isn’t that what earbuds are for? The more personal the phone call, the louder it is.


People talking/texting while an ongoing movie.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to see a movie in a theater, so it’s a good time to review some simple guidelines. The phone goes off when the lights go out. It’s as simple as that.


People who don’t wear shoes in public.

I’m on board with changing rooms, water parks, etc. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the first person to kick off his shoes on an airplane.

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Someone insulting someone for giving their best shot.

“I immediately judge you if you make fun of someone who’s trying. I saw someone make fun of an overweight classmate despite the fact that he was doing diets, running, and exercising.” – u/as3211


People who don’t wash their hands after using the washroom.

ZombifiedRacoon says that they judge people who use the bathroom without washing their hands. Hopefully, in a post-pandemic world, we won’t see this very often.


People who litter.

I think we can come to a collective agreement that there is no excuse for littering in 2021. It goes double for all you car-smokers out there. I want to scream when I see a lit butt fly out the window.


People not returning their shopping carts.

“I’m not always silent about it, but people at my local supermarket who refuse to return their shopping carts, but instead leave them to roll into other cars whenever the next wind gust comes along.” – u/IrianJaya


People who don’t use a turn signal while driving.

Reddit user Miss_Psychopants said, “Not using a turn signal when driving.” “It’s not that hard, and it’s pretty arrogant to not use one.”

The signal should be used after you’ve already made the turn. What’s the point?



tipping culture in North America has gotten out of hand and I will be the first to admit it. You never stiff a server. You don’t have to tip 20%, but you have to leave 15%.


When people don’t pay for the groceries and start eating them.

You can’t sample and snack on items that you haven’t paid for. Don’t wait until you get home to gorge yourself on grapes, just eat before you get to the store.


People putting their significant other down.

“When a partner in a couple is publicly mean to the other partner in the couple, but not in a funny context, purely to put them down kinda context. That’s like scratching your own car. You lose my respect instantly. It’s just sad.” – u/hystericalmiracle


People who never show up on time.

Redditor Trumpetking93 wrote, “Anyone who adopts a “whatever” policy to being late.” “I freak out when I’m late for something, and it absolutely blows my mind when people just don’t care.”


People who post political rants on social media.

When people post conspiracy theories about Bill Gates on Facebook without any irony, I love to see it. They don’t see the hypocrisy in their actions. Why do they think anyone cares?

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People not cleaning their pet’s poo in public places.

Have you ever gone to collect your garbage and found someone left a poo bag at the bottom? I don’t like that.

Would you allow me to relieve myself in your recycling bins? I don’t think so. Stay away from my cans!


The elevator hoggers.

“Customers in my work who walk right past the escalators and the stairwell to use the lift when they appear to have nothing wrong with them. It makes all the people with prams or wheelchairs etc have to wait even longer and forms massive queues.” – u/Mcachead


People who don’t keep their kitchen sink clean.

“If you invite me over to your house and we’re chatting in the kitchen, I will judge you on the shininess of your sink and whether you have any dirty pots out” – u/RedBanana99


People who don’t like cats.

I am a part of this crowd.

Why don’t you like cats or dogs if you’re allergic or attacked? It seems a little odd.


People who make weird noises while eating food.

I feel like this is something that not everyone can control, but a lot of people secretly judge other people for it.

Do it quietly, and make sure you’re chewing with your mouth closed.


People who don’t park properly.

“Parking in front of the doors or at the front curb of the shopping center, grocery store, etc. That is a fire lane, not a sloth’s parking area. The walk from 20 feet away won’t kill you. For those who genuinely need it, there are handicapped spaces!” – u/dead_in_the-boot


People who have weird art on walls or no art at all.

“Having no art on their walls, or having bad art on their walls. I even peek into peoples’ homes when I walk around my neighborhood, just to see what they have on the wall. I’m an art teacher and exhibiting photographer.” – u/mikeymikeymikey1968


People who talk behind someone’s back.

You have probably done this at least once.

When you were a teenager, you definitely talked behind someone’s back.


People who don’t use the turning signals properly.

If you don’t use your indicators to show who is behind you or next to you that you want to change lanes, you’re being judged by a lot of users.

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People who don’t move aside.

“People who pay with cash and once the transaction is complete, take their time and don’t move out of the way while putting their change back into their purse/wallet. At least move to the side.” – u/xtyxtbx


People who don’t respond to serious messages.

“People who insist on checking in on FB when they are at the hospital or at a doctors surgery, or writing a status complaining about how they have been waiting at the doctor’s surgery, and then evade answering when someone finally gives them what they want and asks ‘whats wrong’.” – u/yeezus-101


Those who smell bad.

“My fiance has this friend who always, always smells bad. Like a mix of BO and mildew. I know he bathes cause he never has greasy hair or anything, he just always stinks for some reason. He’s a nice guy but I dislike him for this reason alone.” – u/deleted


Irresponsible parents.

“Deadbeat parents that refuse to take responsibility for taking care of their children. My uncle’s wife had to take my uncle to court for child support and they are MARRIED. Absolutely disgusting.” – u/disillusionedideals


People who keep throwing fitness advice.

I can definitely relate to this one.

Unsolicited nutrition or fitness advice from people who aren’t trained professionals is something that gets under my skin.


The Geeks.

People within the “geek culture” have no personality or interests of their own.

The argument can be made that it’s okay to turn your interests into your personality.


People who lack driving skills.

“Driving, there’s a difference between putting a car in Drive and moving a steering wheel, and actually knowing how to DRIVE.

People that ride on the left lane as they please.. simply don’t know how to drive, same for people that can’t parallel park.” u/Fiasko21


People who have gauged ears.

One person said that they were not a fan of gauged ear fashion.

At the end of the day, remember everyone, it’s your body, so to each of them. Don’t tell the other person you hate it.