Have you ever been suspicious of a friend or coworker? Maybe you have a sinking feeling when you think of a person or place. Do you think a company is trying to pull the wool over your eyes?


1. A family secret.

From a Redditor u/Earguy

I think a relative is a CIA agent. She was in the Peace Corps. She’s been a “world traveler” ever since, able to drop her work and go to exotic destinations. She had injuries when she came back. We were climbing some rocks when I fell. Her son is married to a CIA translator and is an employee of the agency.

2. Shutter Shock.

From a Redditor u/justthatoboist

I think that a Canadian guy who owns an antique shop that I bought a camera from in April recognized me. I came back the next day to make my purchase after he acted flustered when I came in. He gave me the camera for what I thought was a reasonable price and also threw in an owner’s manual that was in perfect condition.

It’s a very rare camera that was only produced for two years. One out of every 1000 working ones still has a certain part, and 1 out of every 1000 still in existence are operational. My dad talked to the shop owner about how to modify his camera, and he even showed me how to find a film for it.

He lost a lot of money on the transaction.


3. The Bigfoot Theory.

From a Redditor u/Unleashtheducks

Bigfoot is a cultural memory from humans who migrated from Asia. The creature went extinct tens of thousands of years ago.


4. Bingo.

From a Redditor u/mlg2433

About 10% of lottery winners actually win. Someone has to win sometimes. People would get suspicious if there were no winners. Who would know if there was a real winner?


5. A scary grandma.

From a Redditor u/Reloaded9mm

I think my grandmother was a murderer. She was married seven times. She passed away in the 1980s, but everything is still suspicious. I found an article about her when she came to the US, where her first husband defended her after her ex-boyfriend climbed in her window.

She was in prison before she came to the US.


6. Pavlov is a human.

From a Redditor u/Adomoto

Saying “OK Google” is Pavlov teaching humans to comply with AI and machines.


7. The theory of everything.

From a Redditor u/Alundra828

I think that the purpose of life in the universe is simply to create a new universe.

To me, this is the only way for any living to ensure its amusable survival always. And I am not talking about just human life. I think that our chances of survival are super slim.

Consider this. Every problem life will ever encounter will have a solution. The only limiting factor to life-solving a problem is the time since a species has enough resources to exploit any resources it wants.

Time is not infinite in the universe. There will be a time when the atoms in the universe begin to decay. Life’s final deadline is this. Life in the universe will be extinguished forever if life in its different forms can’t escape. How does one escape a universe that is collapsing?

The universe makes it so that this is the ultimate problem to solve. Life is the powerhouse of the universe if the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell.


8. Bad teacher.

From a Redditor u/MaterialImportance

I think my English teacher only gave us grades on the basis of how we were in class and not the essays we wrote.


9. “Smile!”

From a Redditor u/ghrew

Dentists ask you questions because they think it’s funny to watch you struggle.


10. Smarter than you think.

From a Redditor u/spazmcgee1

The Kardashians wear clothes that are solid-colored because it makes it easy for them to Photoshop.


11. Hide and seek.

From a Redditor u/sakura_wayne

You never see the empty exhibits at some zoos.


12. There’s a reason for no wait.

From a Redditor u/anonymousjohnson

A lot of businesses in my hometown are money-laundering operations. There are 25 nail salons in the town. Commercial rents are very high in the best block of downtown where a DVD rental shop is located. Dozens of $10 barbershops are still open. There were red flags around.


13. Sort of “Now Hiring”.

From a Redditor u/fancyfrenchtoilet

Monster.com can sell your data to advertisers, and most of the job listings on the site are fakes.


14. Head for the hills!

From a Redditor u/ElCiscador

I feel that something bad will be happening to my city. A lot of mansions are on sale. Rich people know something that the rest of the people don’t.


15. Hot and ready!

From a Redditor u/JimmyL2014

I think your phone and laptop mics are sending data to certain groups.


16. The royal promise.

From a Redditor u/CrabFarts

Prince Charles won’t be on the throne. I believe he gave up his right to sit on the throne in exchange for being allowed to marry Camilla. When Queen Elizabeth passes, Prince William will be on the throne.


17. The success smell.

From a Redditor u/Arcticshade:

I think that Bath & Body Works has 13 unique scents. They call them something else when they change the scent every couple of months.


18. The Twitterpocalypse.

From a Redditor u/ambermage

There is a group of people who think they are protected from the world. Anyone looking for reasons to oust someone from a position of power or authority will be able to find this information.

You want promotion in 20 years. Outcomes that were sent to HR were drunk from a social media post. The promotion was denied. Your rival gets it. The post qualifies as public information, so it’s not subject to defamation charges. This could become a large-scale business with the help of artificial intelligence.


19. The business plan.

From a Redditor u/Joeysaurrr

I believe that Apple did not intend for anyone to buy a $999 monitor stand. It was just an excuse to invalidate warranty claims for the Pro monitor.

“The use of improper third-party equipment is the reason we can’t approve your claim.”

20. An undercover sibling.

From a Redditor u/alienblooded

I think my oldest brother is my biological father.

It makes no sense to me. No one in my family has a left chin. The older brother has substance issues and is a big mess. It makes no sense to me that he came out of that with zero children because he brought different women to my parents’ house every day. My mother would have had me at dangerously old age if he had been younger than me. It’s not impossible, but it makes a lot more sense. My parents covered up for him, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

I once asked my mom, and she was very upset. I told her that I had a dream that my brother was actually my father. She refused to acknowledge or discuss my dream. It was weird as hell.