It can be horrible to be fired. The biggest daily challenge for most service industry workers is trying to not get fired for throwing stuff at the general public.

One curious person took to Reddit to find out some of the craziest things that people had been fired for, by asking, “What’s the craziest reason you had to fire someone?”

I’ve gathered a perfect mix of answers that ranged from tragic to hilarious.


Wild 24 hours.

“Hoo boy! I’d have to go with the guy who in the span of 24 hours:

“Started a fistfight with another employee (on camera, with witnesses) then called the police and said the other guy did it, trying to press charges. I just sent the video. Trespassed on the property the following day and slurred at my boss (on camera, with witnesses), then called the police and said my boss did it. I just sent the video. And, hurt himself somehow and went to the hospital, where he told the doctor he’d been attacked at work. Doc found no injury consistent with his story and well yeah, camera…” ⏤ YDAQ

The guy in the story doesn’t understand how video evidence is damming.


Talking to self while being high.

“Had to fire a guy for coming to work high on meth and getting lost in a closet while painting it. I asked what the deal was and was told, ‘shhhh I am having a conversation’. That was his last day lmao.” ⏤ bunnyb2004

I don’t know what the conversation was about. There were a few people wondering if the fumes of the paint had caused the guy to act strange, but the person who posted this explained that they were certain it was drugs-related.


Falling asleep holding a lit cigarette.

“We had someone fall asleep at his desk with a lit cigarette in his hand. In an office full of cubicles like maybe… 6-7 years ago? Smoking wasn’t legal anywhere indoors let alone in an office building lmao

“And the first time he wasn’t even fired. He was fired when it happened again!” ⏤ CactusPearl21

The person who wrote this said that the person in the story had recently had twins and that may explain his exhaustion. However, they continued to write, “When he got caught the 2nd time, he left work and never came back. He was expecting to be fired because he was on a Final warning. But after 3 days of not hearing from him, he was officially fired for job abandonment. If he’d come back and pleaded his case and asked for forgiveness we could have considered it in our decision, but that never happened.”


Standing under heavy machinery.

“Years ago, at a lumber company. Had a guy, less than two hours after he started on his first day, pick up his car with a forklift and stand underneath it to see what was rattling when he drove.” ⏤ woodenman22

I believe that the rattling sound was his brain bouncing around inside of his thick noggin.


Calling in sick and then showing up at work, drunk.

“Once a had a guy call in sick to his restaurant/bar shift right before his shift and then proceeded to show up sh*t faced drunk for happy hour during the time he was supposed to be working.

“He was not a bright man.” ⏤ skdubbs

A lot of people were wondering if the guy had gotten so drunk that he forgot to call in sick. A lot of people were concerned about the man in the story, so the person who wrote it posted an update, “To clarify, with this guy it was not an isolated incident. Mental health days are totally legit, just don’t come to work for happy hour sh*t faced. Restaurant life is wild on so many levels.”


Stealing on the first night itself.

“Dumbass stole a $100 bill out of the register at the end of his FIRST shift alone on the register.” ⏤ USPSA-Addict

In response to this, another person wrote, “He didn’t know about cash balancing?” However, USPSA-Addict responded by writing, “If someone is dumb enough to steal that much out of a register, I don’t think ‘knowledge’ is enough to stop them.”


Threatening to stab other staff members.

“One of my ER nurses was chasing another down the hall with a scalpel in her hand screaming at the top of her lungs ‘I’m going to cut you bitch!’.” ⏤ EzraSteel

Some people were wondering if the woman had meant it as a joke. An update explaining was written by the person who posted this, “she just snapped. I remember when I hired her, she had glowing recommendations from mutual friends. I honestly think they just wanted to get rid of her. She lost her license a short time later because of substance abuse. It’s a shame really, she was great with our patients.”


Viewing dodgy websites at work.

“Not too crazy. More stupid than crazy. One of the programmers on my team was sitting at his desk looking at porn. And this is cubicle land. No offices. My Director walked into the area to talk to me and saw it. Then it was the first thing he told me about, so I got up and walked over for a look myself and there it was.

“Me and the Director looked at each and I said I gotta take care of this. So we walked back to HR, I told them what was going on and what we saw and they told me to fire him. So I did. He lost a $110K job for looking at porn on his computer at work.” ⏤ TheJaundicedEye

It’s one hell of a hit to look at pornography. Why would you want to look at something like that when you’re at work? What could you get out of that?