Dogs are all cute and adorable but sometimes, they can be really nasty. Yes, you have read that right! Whether it is getting all muddy just a few minutes later a nice bubbly bath or munching on anything that they find on the street, they do it all. It just feels like we cannot understand them even after trying so hard. 

But everyone gathered when one of the Facebook users named Will Formico pointed on something bizarre about dogs. What he actually did is that he posted a few pictures of his dog pooping in a weird position and the internet blew up. Once people saw that picture, even they started sharing the strange photos of their pooches.

These pictures are both utterly nasty and funny but each of them deserved a spot in our post. And if you want to see them, keep scrolling.

After this person asked if anyone else’s dog does their business in odd poses, the internet blew up

If you are curious to know why all the dogs are particular and awkward when it comes to doing their business, you are in luck as we know it. They do this because it is a process of their communication.

Confused? Well, don’t be. See, dogs actually sniff around because they try to read the message that is left by other dogs. Why, you may ask? It’s because by doing this, they get an idea of what is happening in the near areas. 

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Animal advocate Elisabeth Geier said that some dog breeds also develop a surface preference from a young age. She further said that “for instance, some pups prefer soft, grassy surfaces and won’t poop on bare dirt.” Meanwhile, “Paper or potty pad trained dogs could have a hard time transitioning to natural surfaces.” “Like humans, they could have a hard time going to the bathroom in ‘public’ places.”

And people started posting pics of their dogs being busy in similar scenarios