Life is always full of unforeseen circumstances. People tend to make things more complicated by not choosing the easy way to do the task. It is a normal mentality. People prefer complicated things over simple ones because they want to surround themselves with a complex environment. So why? Is it because of stress and anxiety? They can easily ignore this issue if they overthink everything.

Life is simple, no matter what the reason is. The answers are black and white, and everything can be reduced to a Yes/No response. Implementation is not always easy. Sometimes the way the people below deal with problems goes off track. These hard times have provided us with some hilarious moments that will light up your day. Things should not become complicated to become one of them. There will be another easy way for you. Take it easy.


1. A successful person always has a different way.


2. Not sure if that’s the right way to do the alignment.


3. A tape for the dance instructors.


4. Should be fixed with rice.


5. A student in my class tried using 4 devices to cheat on a quiz, but got the wrong answer on all of them.


6. This is not what we meant when we said we wanted to buy a new house for our dog so she could have a darker place to sleep.


7. Success is nowhere to be found.


8. This guy needs to take it easy.


9. Pretty sure you get it.


10. They forgot to include her in the selfie.


11. Phone falling off the rollercoaster.


12. Ripe bananas peeled themselves while hanging on the hook.


13. Drink on the rocks. Not in a boat on the rocks.


14. The parcel is slightly delayed.


15. They sure didn’t.


16. A museum in Japan that has stones that look like faces.


17. A mask to stay sane.


18. Special pandemic mask.


19. Must taste good.