Getting fired can be a terrifying experience. And for most people working in the service industry, the biggest daily challenge you may face is probably not to be fired because they are throwing things at the general public.

A curious person went to Reddit and found out some of the craziest stories related to firing employees.

The flooded reactions ranged from tragic to disturbing and hilarious. I’ve put together the perfect stories for you below!


Some wild 24 hours.

“I got into a fight with another employee (with a witness at the camera), and I called the police and said that another man tried to do it and attempted to press charges. I simply just sent a video. Crossed the property and I insulted my boss (with a witness on the camera) and then called the police and told him he did it. I just sent the video. He managed to get injured and went to the hospital. He told the doctor that he was attacked at work. Doc did not find an injury that matched his story. Thanks to the camera … “⏤ YDAQ

The guy in this story doesn’t seem to really understand how compelling the video evidence is.


Being high and talking to themselves.

“I had to fire the guy because he showed up at work, high on drugs. He got lost in the closet while painting it. I was curious as to what the conversation was about. Some wondered if the smoke of paint made the man behave so strangely.”

The person who posted it explained that he was convinced that it was related to the drug that the employee had consumed.


Dozing off with a lit cigarette.

“We saw someone on the desk lying down with a burning cigarette in their hands. Maybe, in a cube-filled office like 6-7 years ago? Smoking wasn’t legal anywhere indoors.”

“And he wasn’t even fired for the first time. When that happened again, he was dismissed.” ⏤ Cactus Pearl21

The person who wrote it explained that the person in the story recently had twins, so he thought it might explain his fatigue. However, they continue to write: “When he was caught the second time, he quit his job and never came back. He thought he would be fired because of the final warning. He was officially fired because abandoned his job. Yes, if he came back to state his case and ask for forgiveness, we could consider it, but it never happened. ”


Standing right under heavy machinery.

“A few years ago at a logging company, within two hours of starting the first day, a guy picked up his car on a forklift and went downstairs to see what was rattling while driving.” ⏤ woodman22

I think the rattling noise may be the bounce of the brain in his thick head!


Calling in sick and then showing up to work in a drunk state.

“After a man called in sick at a restaurant/bar just before the shift, he then proceeded to show up, drunk, during the happy hour he was supposed to work for.

“He wasn’t a good man.” ⏤ skdubbs

Many suspected that the man had been drunk and forgot to report his illness. But many were also very worried about the man in the story, so the person who wrote this said, “For the sake of clarity, it wasn’t an isolated case for this man.” The world Mental Health Day is totally valid. It’s not just about coming to work at a happy time. Restaurant life is wild in nature for sure. ”


Stealing on the first night itself.

“An idiot stole a $100 bill from the register at the end of the first shift.” ⏤ USPSA addict

In response, another wrote, “Did you know anything about your cash balance?” But the USPSA-Addict wrote, “If someone is stupid enough to steal a lot from records, I don’t think knowledge is enough to stop them.”


Stab threat to the other staff members.

“One of my ER nurses, holding a scalpel in his hand, chased another nurse in the hallway and shouted over her lungs “I’m going to cut you, a bitch!” ⏤ EzraSteel

Some wondered if the woman was saying it as a joke, even though it was a very ill joke. But the person who posted it wrote an update, “She’s out of her mind. I remember she got an enthusiastic recommendation from some mutual friends when I hired her. To be honest, I think they wanted to get rid of her. She lost her license due to substance abuse. It’s really disappointing as she was great with our patients. ”


Surfing dubious websites at work.

“It’s not too crazy. It’s more stupid than crazy. One of the programmers on my team sat at his desk and watched porn. And it’s like a cubicle island. There’s no office. My director came to the area to talk to me and saw it. Then he told me first, so I got up and went to see it, and it was there.

“The director and I looked at each other and I said that I would handle the situation. So we went back to the H.R. and informed them regarding what was happening and what we saw, and they told me that I should go ahead and fire him. And I did. He lost a $110,000 job watching pornography on his computer at work. “⏤ The Jaundiced Eye

Watching porn is a big hit! Why do you want to see such things in the name of God when you are working? What can you achieve from it?


Trimming pubes instead of the head hair on the desk.

“A man shaved and cut his pubic hair and put it on a shared desk in a shared office. When faced, he pulled out George Costanza. Oh, was it frowned upon?” ⏤ GenXed

Since then, I think I couldn’t sit at the desk without spraying everything with bleach spray. I can’t imagine going through the heads of people who think doing such a thing is okay.


Worst DJ ever.

“I was a bartender/bar manager. This guy came one night and said he was an ambitious DJ and asked if we would be considerate enough hiring him as a DJ on Sunday night. He said we don’t have to pay him at first and he would only accept some pointers and after helping him make a crowd on Sunday night we could renegotiate.

“It took less than three months. I was scared and received so many complaints. He played the same song every week, and when people requested (a commonly known song), he didn’t know who (the musician) was. I had to fire someone who works for free. He was a good person, that’s the only reason he lasted so long. “⏤ Monkey Meex

Christ, if you can do a job for free and still be fired, you are really doing something wrong! I can’t help but think that this guy has been playing “C’mon Eileen” over and over for weeks!


The “kept coming back” temp.

“I was working in the office and they hired a girl from a temporary agency to help me. She had no idea what to do unless I told her everything. She even sneaked out and the warehouse folks thought she was doing drugs.

“I told the boss to get rid of her. Also said I wanted to work alone rather than take care of her. She appeared the next day again and it went on for about a week or so.

“The employer told her to stop coming back to work, but she wouldn’t. Kept coming every morning, usually about 10 to 20 minutes late. My boss didn’t want to say anything to her face. So finally I told her that I had to let her go through the temporary agency because we couldn’t afford to pay. She was thought that the agency people were joking. “⏤ momoispeachy

Having no idea what milk is.

“A coffee shop colleague. She told the customer she wasn’t willing to make x drinks and should go somewhere. And while we were wearing proper uniforms, she was wearing some strange cookie monster trousers. There was a very strict policy regarding trousers. Either Black or Khaki color.

“She clearly did not understand the concept of milk. It still confuses me to this day. She seemed as if she was in Lalaland and that if I was trying to show how to steam milk properly. She literally asked what was in the jug that I poured into the metal pitcher. I told her it was milk, and she just looked at me, totally surprised. ⏤ karbesigheedslady234

I don’t know why the idea that someone is stunned by the concept of milk is inherently interesting, but it is!


A scene at the office party for no reason.

“The guy worked for about two weeks at the firm and came to a Christmas party on Friday, made a strange look, and told the HR manager that she would die alone as a maid (they had a vaguely romantic history). Then he tried to fight two of the customer service managers who asked him to calm down (dating or something) away from the couple, and while they were escorting him, he went to the CEO and COO and told them to f*ck off.

“He showed up at work on Monday and talked about how amazing the party was and how he saw some people who would probably be called to the HR department that morning. It was him, as the only employee, and was fired on the spot. “⏤ Poison Alii

Oh, Christmas parties, they really separate men and boys, right? I’m always afraid of holidays, so I know I really need to go home after the second glass of wine before anything bad happens.


A job being shared by twins.

“He said, ‘My ex-wife is dead and no one cares for our children.’ I need a week off to fix everything.” His ex. called to talk to him. Bam!

Also, one of the guys went to lunch with short hair and came back with a ponytail going all the way down his bum. It was identical twins who shared the work. All the boys knew it and thought it was fun. Oops! ” – ohiomensch

The same twin exchange situation looks more like something from a ridiculous Sitcom than a reality. The poster added, “No one wanted a full-time job. The boss joked to keep the best workers, but in reality, their job was so dangerous. Responsibility will be a nightmare. ”


Stealing the animals.

“At a pet shop, I worked as a cashier and I had to train a girl employee who thought that she didn’t have to wear a uniform. My manager fired her when she tried to steal one of the cats that were for adoption. She was told she had to wait for approval after her home survey in order to make sure that she can properly take care of the cat.

“Her excuse for trying to steal a cat? Her landlord didn’t allow pets, and she thought that she was not going to be approved and is a much better mother than anyone else who wants a cat, and way better than any customer who got it. She didn’t even make it past a week. ”⏤ blindgirllandherguide

This woman sounds like a crazy cat woman who doesn’t have a cat yet. And if she picks up a cat, how does she try to steal it? Perhaps she was crazy?


For an attempt to perform black magic.

“An employee was supposed to pay someone to do some dark magic on the owner and his family in order raise his salary and never be fired. The only reason I’ve found is that he asks someone else in the office to help him find a witch doctor who spreads the spell. The word had spread around and no one wanted to be in the same room as him afterward.

“He said that it wasn’t his doing. It was the devil that made him do it. I live in the Middle East. I certainly didn’t expect to fire someone for black magic that day.

Note: Practicing black magic here is literally a death sentence. “⏤ rivanko


For throwing fish at the customers.

“I might not be one of the crazy, but when I was working at Subway, I had to fire an employee as he assaulted a customer. He was sick. I requested the client not to press any charge. “⏤ dhruveishp

The background was clearly very tragic, no matter how interesting it was for someone who has worked in the service industry to be attracted to this, and for someone to slap his face with a tuna scoop. The person who posted it wrote that the man clearly “did some work” and “was very dissatisfied with his life.”


A candidate looking for hookups.

“I was working at a retail store and found that one of my colleagues was using my company’s iPad (used to play music and order lunch) to access Craigslist and look for a connection. She didn’t even make an effort to wipe off the search history. “⏤ arbrady

After reading Craigslist, I thought it would be weird somewhere. Another asked what she was looking for and the person who posted it said when casual dating was a thing on Craigslist, as she was 18 and was attracted to men at least 20 years old. I saw it. Eek “.

A creep C.E.O.

“The CEO ordered me to fire one of my intern candidates because he tried to make a move on one of the other interns he was interested in.” ⏤ DonkeyTron42

Yes, this is one of the creepiest answers in the thread! Apparently, the CEO was a man in his 40s and the internet was a college girl.


Flaunting the evidence after stealing from work.

“I worked at a retail store and had an employee who hid clothes and used to take naps in the cloth rack. Somehow, that wasn’t the reason we fired her. It was because she stole clothes and wore them at work. We had no option but to fire her. ⏤ asleeppam

And this week’s stupidest criminal award goes to this idiot in this story!