You are very privileged if you read these words. You have the ability to learn how to read and you have access to modern tech and the internet. We start taking things for granted when we forget how lucky we are.

Most people don’t realize that some things are actually privileges. Having access to clean drinking water and being able to keep your home warm are some of the things you can do.

The biggest privileges many of us are taking for granted are below. If you think there is something missing, be sure to share it in the comments. People tend to ignore the biggest privilege. What can we do to become more aware of the positives in our lives? Share your thoughts in the comments.



Everything working properly in the body.



Parents that are emotionally and financially stable, and care about and support you.



Being protected from diseases. People from underdeveloped countries are more likely to die from preventable diseases. My mom’s mother crossed a warzone to get a vaccine after the earthquake.


Jack told that gratitude helps keep people grounded no matter what their situation is.

“Gratitude is incredibly important, I believe. I practice it every single morning as part of my routine,” he revealed that he practices what he preaches. This is why he recommends it to everyone.

“Having good mentors helps big time” when it comes to staying humble no matter how successful you are. “And also life usually has its way of humbling those who are too proud,” Jack said.



It’s not necessary to carefully consider prices when buying groceries.

You should get as much sleep as you need.

Being able to quit a job without fear.

It’s important to have people around who can help.

Evaluating your own government.

Privacy. Many people don’t have that.



The ability to be a child. It’s heartbreaking how many children have to grow up before they reach puberty.



Drinkable tap water.


One thing that can help all of us become more aware of the privileges that we have in life is morning gratitude journaling.

“Write out 5-10 things you’re grateful for,” he suggested. It would be great if you could start the morning off strong and aware of how lucky you are. It’s a far better alternative to wake up miserable because you have to go to work.



It’s a good place to sleep. Since the start of the Pandemic, I have understood the importance of a safe place to live. Not having a safe, stable, comfortable home is not good when you are on lockdown.



Living life without mental illness. It is becoming less and less common but a lot of people don’t realize how lucky they are.



Being able to sit in a house that is warm all year long.


Something else that might work for you is gratitude expression. “Send a message of gratitude to someone you’re grateful for,” Jack explained.

Jack thinks it’s easy to take everything for granted. It all depends on your perspective. Your perspective can be trained for gratitude. Change is possible. We have to work on it.

The fitness expert gave some advice that will last a long time. Move your body! Figure out what you enjoy doing and do it. He urged everyone to find a form of movement they enjoy the most.



Here are the things Americans consider normal that I am from Venezuela.

Having a car. In the US, even poor people have cars, it’s pretty expensive to have and maintain a car, and there’s no credit option.

Electricity is supplied every day. The power goes out a few times a week here. It only goes out when there’s a tornado in the US.

Sanitation. We don’t know if what we’re eating or the water we’re drinking is good for us unless we import a valid health certificate. There are official certificates for food in America.

Having a phone. For someone who makes less than 100 dollars a month, it’s hard to get a phone in the US and I believe in many third-world countries.

The person is living alone after 18. People who can’t afford it will live with their parents at an older age. If the backyard is big enough, they’ll build a house for their children to live in when they get married, so they can live there with their partner and children. It’s rare to live alone at 18 or even in the ’20s.

Making fun of the president. In the US, the media made fun of Donald Trump, but here if you make fun of the president on public TV or a famous YouTube channel you’ll go to jail.

Having animal services. I don’t like that if you see animal abuse you have to take it to a court or send it to a contact in the government because there’s not a number you can call. You can push for more but you will probably have to bribe the judge or a friend in the government to get more jail time for the animal abuser.

The streets are clean and the people here are worse than animals and the streets are not clean. The streets in the US are very clean.

Buying clothes and items often. We spend many years using the same clothes as it’s expensive to buy all the time, but Americans will throw away a shirt or a pair of shoes they’ve used for a few months and say something like “it was completely destroyed already”.

Having good-looking houses. The houses of poor people here have black mold on the walls, the roof is something similar, the draining system is almost rotten, and the house structure is still standing by the sheer power of faith.

Eating expensive things. Americans will complain if they don’t have certain meals, but here we just eat what we can afford, like honey, syrup, cheddar cheese, diet toasts, yogurt, chocolate, and that kind of stuff.

Having sex. It’s true that it’s easier for Americans to have sex since they have cars and live alone. I’ve been struggling with this for a while because at home there’s your mom, your grandma, your siblings, your little cousins, etc. People with more money are the only ones who can have sex whenever they want.

Water every day. People haven’t had water for weeks or months in some areas. Everyone in the US has water.

There are travel papers. If you’re an American or European, you can travel anywhere with very little effort, but getting a passport and VISA here is a lot of work, and you’ll have to dedicate time, money, and effort.

I could go on and on, but I wouldn’t finish today.



Medical treatment.