There are two types of people in the world: those who can quickly solve a challenging mathematics issue and others who have trouble with simple addition and subtraction. It goes without saying that math gets a bad rap for being problematic. After all, as we advance in our education, it just becomes more complicated! Many of us dislike queries that use complex mathematics and alphabetical letters. In spite of this, it is reasonable to state that we are coping just fine with the fundamentals!

At least the majority of us, that is. Several people have carried their lack of aptitude for mathematics into their everyday lives. And you can trust the subreddit “They Didn’t Do The Math” to document it for the world to see whenever someone cannot complete a straightforward mathematical task. For the past six and a half years, the subreddit with 24.3K members has been compiling examples of mathematical errors. Now that we’ve compiled 31 of their funniest findings, your mood is guaranteed to soar to new heights!

This Subreddit Group collects the Funniest Math Problem Solving FAILS

You’ve likely gone through your Facebook page only to find a riddle designed to test your ability to count. Usually, these blogs begin with something like, “When I was six, my sister was half my age. I’m 70 years old; how old is my sister? And a lot of people will frequently make an erroneous guess that they just thought of out of the blue. Those that provide the erroneous response must then post the riddle on their profile as a result.

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As we may jokingly judge who is good and bad at mathematics, these questions might be enjoyable. But occasionally, people who overestimate the accuracy of their computations are those who improperly use mathematical concepts. Consider a Twitter user who noted that babies born in 2000 are now in their 25s.

You can still overcome your fear of math.

It can be a good idea to redo the lessons if your subpar achievement in arithmetic still worries you. Or remember these genius tricks! It could be amusing to learn that many people have trouble with straightforward math problems since it makes you feel better about yourself. But wouldn’t you rather succeed at something that used to frighten you so much? Fortunately, you have a tonne of resources at your disposal for this small task of yours. Although the majority are free, you might want to join up for premium mathematical resources like Khan Academy if you have some extra money to spare. Ruef wrote this note:

“If you recognize that you are a survivor of math trauma, take heart. You are not alone, and there are ways to heal. It starts with understanding that mathematics is broad and beautiful – most of us are much mathematical than we think.”


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