Jennifer Lopez’s millions of fans are worried because she deleted all of her old Instagram posts.

The 53-year-old singer has also changed her profile picture to a black one, which has made her fans go crazy.

Some people thought that Jenny From The Block’s strange clean-up of her social media was a sign that she was about to make a big announcement, while others were worried about her.

When J-Lo fans logged into Instagram on Wednesday morning, they were astounded to find the singer’s account completely empty.

On her Twitter and TikTok accounts, there is also no picture of her, just a black circle. But there is still content on these accounts, which means that the singer only deleted her Instagram photos.

When celebrities clean out their Instagram accounts, it’s usually because they’re about to rebrand or make a big announcement. Many of J.Lo’s 225 million followers took to Twitter to talk about her strange social media behavior.

She’s definitely about to announce something huge!!! It’s nothing to be worried about guys,

one fan insisted.

So strange that J-Lo has basically deleted her Instagram. What’s that about?

another tweeted.

It’s giving eerie,

someone else quipped while a fourth fan tweeted:

I’m worried about Jennifer Lopez.

Another fan added:

She’s deleted all of her wedding pictures and all photos with Ben!! OMG.

It happened just hours after Jen and Ben’s TikTok debut as a couple when the actress posted a clip of them together.

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Jennifer, who is 53 years old, shared the video with her 15.3 million followers. In it, she and Ben were cuddling up and looking into the camera. Then they broke into big smiles when Pink’s hit voiceover came on. Try said:

Guys I did it! I found the person that makes me the happiest I have ever been.

On a private plane, J-Lo could be seen in the video cuddling up to her Oscar-winning husband, Ben, 50. Ben was wearing a beige sweater, and she was wearing a white T-shirt.

Before they broke up and went their separate ways, the couple dated for almost 20 years.

But they didn’t start dating again until last year.

Jennifer confirmed that they were engaged a year after they started dating by showing off her huge diamond ring.

After being apart for 20 years, Ben and Jennifer didn’t waste any time and got married in Las Vegas just a few weeks after getting engaged.

In August, the couple had a second wedding ceremony, which was a big party for family and close friends.