Many contemporary artists have taken their creativity and artistic talents beyond the boundaries of their paper canvas. Some artists are taking their art to the streets to transform dull urban spaces into vivid masterpieces by creating impressive murals and even using Perler beads to create 3D sidewalk sculptures. The British artist is known for his stunning pebble art featuring detailed portraits made entirely of natural-colored stones.

The natural landscape of the city has been used as a canvas by man. The artist uses pristine rocks instead of using paint or other synthetic materials. His masterpieces can be found on beaches, forests, sidewalks, and mountains. He describes his art as portraits that leave footprints. He uses natural rocks to depict the faces of prominent figures.


The portraits are made of natural stones.


His pebble art has icons in various subjects including religious, political, entertainment, art, and also current events. The artist is inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of creating colorful mandalas. Once a sand mandala is completed, it is destroyed to symbolize the evanescent nature of material life.



Instead of colored sand, he uses stones from the surrounding. He arranges the stones on the ground to make portraits. After taking pictures of his creations, he leaves them and lets nature take over.



We have a collection of his most stunning creations so far. The complete archive of the artist’s artworks that really rock can be found on the artist’s social media accounts.


Found pebbles are used by the artist in creating intricate portraits.